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Sansa Phoenix

Rafts magnetized to structures, not turning

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So the rafts are bugged. When you try to turn away from a shoreline or structure, especially a structure, the raft goes straight no matter which way you point the sails, and gets stuck on it. Then you spend two hours trying to get it away from the structure or shoreline, and sometimes you can’t. We have had to destroy three rafts that got stuck on other people’s shipyards because we couldn’t get them out. Like right now. We got pulled into a shipyard by some invisible string and now we are stuck in rock. We turn fine anywhere but near a structure, shoreline or rock. Please fix. (Turning the sails to ‘back up’ doesn’t work at all if we are stuck) 

and before anyone says something, we know how to sail them just fine. This is a bug. Not a lack of skill. 


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