Auto updater with auto reboot on crash. Cross Server Chat W/ discord integration Rcon via discord/Console
Edit settings-template.json to your like, save as settings.json Edit ServerUpdater.cfg to your servers location too Edit CrossChat-Template to your server settings. EXTREME ALPHA RELEASE - I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILTY FOR MY OWN MESSUPS.
Release Notes:
Initial release.... V1.0.3
Fixes backup manager v1.0.4 Fixed Not booting multiple servers V1.0.5 Fixed incorrect server startup params V1.0.6 Test CrossChat(Non Discord) Implementation V1.0.7 Fix CrossChat (Non Discord) Implementation V1.0.8 Fixed password parameter V1.0.9 Incorrect ServerIP was posting in CrossChat connection string V1.1.0 CrossChat(Non-Discord) finished. V1.1.1 Removed certain things (Seamlessip etc....) from pre-programmed startup and moved to serverparams V1.1.2 GameServerPath should now work for force_install_dir it should now look like            "GameServerPath": "C:\\Atlas", but the full directory should look like C:\Atlas\steamapps\common\ATLAS Dedicated Server V1.1.3 StopServer was calling wrong PID file to delete, fixed. V1.1.4 Fixed Auto-Updater, it would shutdown singular server and try to update instead of shutting them all down at once v1.1.5 Fixed ShooterGame.exe directory? V1.1.75 Added ExtendedServerParams to config.json V1.2.0 95% fixed Auto-Updater - (Current bug, on startup if update exists it will do an array for ALL of them, I recommend if theres been an update before running this you run that first before starting this program.) V1.3.0 Non-Stable branch: 100% Fixed Auto-Updater? v1.4.0 Non-Stable Branch: Auto updater not fixed V1.5.0 Stable: Auto Updater Fixed v1.9.9 Current Change List:  CrossChat crash is fixed, but dont use it til v2.0 External config for crosschat so you can do multi-server configurations Implementation: Discord Rcon/Console Rcon Currently reports when server crashes/Updates occurring/finished CrossChat w/discord semi-working, don't recommend yet. Release Notes: Early release build, haven't gotten to test it yet.... recommend test on like a 1x1 or 2x2 etc....
New config settings in AtlasUpdater.exe.config
and CrossChat-template.json
Recommend keeping UseDiscordChat to off and UseCrossChat to off til v2.0.0
  V1.9.95 Crosschat variable mismatch   V2.0 Correct implementation of variables I believe now.   v2.0.0.1 Forgot some people might not use any of the crosschat/discord stuff..   v2.0.0.2 Moved app_start to end of program, should start now   V2.0.0.3 Configuration Change: GameServerPath moved from settings-template.json to the top so you dont have it for every server... Configuration Change: SteamUpdateScript moved from settings-template.json to the top so you dont have it for every server... AtlasUpdater.exe.config New Required Parameters:             <setting name="redisPassword" serializeAs="String">
            <setting name="redisIP" serializeAs="String">
            </setting> Crash Detection on RedisDB, if a server crashes it wont boot up the servers til redis is back online.   V2.0.0.5 oopsy V2.0.1.0
Wasnt using _Parent.   V2.0.2.0 Fixes: Backups being broke. Discord Relay Info Being Broke (Connection issue still exists) Correct debug info on redis connection.
V2.0.3.0 External rcon config ip   Join my     Legacy: Stable: Alpha: V2.0.3.0 Download   ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Future upcoming release options: Auto redis backup ------------------------------------------------------------------------