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I am after information on land claiming, cool downs, stealing etc, how do claims work. 



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Posted (edited)

It's a nightmare even on PvE.  Something is happening where an Active claim, which should be totally safe for three days if you have been Active IN the claim, are being snatched in a matter of an hour or two of the owner logging off. I had it happen to me.  I'm not bothering to Claim (like there is anything to Claim!) until it is sorted out.

A perfect example is a guy called Youros on the Steam forum, who was ONLINE when he lost his claim.  He logged in (so was Active) set sail to another island and 40 minutes later he lost his claim and his base was no longer his.  https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/discussions/0/1742229167225135915/?tscn=1546437595

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