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Hello all! I’m so glad to be back and working with Josey again to get the server back to its main roots. Our first idea when Josey and I created the server was to make it into a Lite RP server where players that have no experience in RP could come to our server and feel comfortable. This is what we call “Lite RP.”
We have no restrictions in what RP is. Basically our kind of RP is just like in real life. And it’s your own prerogative on how much or often you’d like to RP. We are still going to have PVP so that will not change. All we request is for you to have fun We’re also going to be doing some major remodeling for the server. I have an idea for a website for Be Legendary so we are more accessible to everyone. I would also love to remodel Be Legendary’s Discord as well.
Such as updating the channels, re doing the logo, and etc. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please reach out to either myself of Josey. Also if you have any experience in creating a website or if you would just like to help out in general, please let us know. Thank you! Jilly :smiley: We are wanting to revive the Lite RP/Casual RP aspect of the server. We will keep the same rules of engagement that are now set. There is NO requirement to participate in RP, we just ask that you respect those that are. SOS (Shoot on site) is allowed but not being an aggressive butthole. The way I see it you basically don’t trust anyone until they prove trustworthy. So if your sailing and come across someone you don’t know u choose whether to fight/flight/contact. There will be certain roles that can be held by many or just 1. If you have a role idea you want exclusively, you can register it with an admin For instance, you can’t have everyone be a lion tamer etc. There will be a page on discord for existing roles and if they are locked or open Give us your feedback Thanks Josey

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