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As commands can be added, changed, or removed with each version, you may want to check out the Wiki on a regular basis:  https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Admin_Commands_for_Atlas

You can also find other commands by being in Admin mode (enablecheats <pw>) and using ShowMyAdminManager  (not case sensitive).

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Ok, I have a request. Is there a way to copy a tame or clone or copy? Lets say I have a favorite tame. But I want to start PVE from scratch or on another computer. But I want my old tame. Is there a way to ID, use that ID to recreate the tame. I don't mean the same type of animal. I mean literally, the same tame. Or I lost a tame or the tame died, is there a way to find the original code, and bring the tame back.Or lets say, I have a tame in front of me, and want to copy it. Is there a way to do so? Preferably with a cheat code or using the Admin Menu? I see commands like SpawnActorTame.

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