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As you know , in here no1 is caring from dev. team. 

And i saw people start to make their own solutions for their problems.

So if we collect them all together then it will usefull otherwise everyday different people same problems will post here.

I will start with my character deletion. Its not completely solution its an advice.

1-  Character deletion regarding to offline location :

- 2 days ago when i sailed from C14 to D14 , it gives error and never come back till my character wiped. First you have to control location while sailing.

- Go and die

- After you die choose click "change home server" but don't set home server and find location where you wanna go .

- Check the info that says PLAYERS : 88/150 or 20/150 or 0/150        

- If it shows 0/150 DON'T GO THERE . Find another location to explore.

- Close " change home server" and respawn your bed and go.


2 -  Stuck in water , can not join the game 

-  Here is the explanation from 1 guy who found his own solution.

On 12/28/2018 at 5:57 PM, Bogey said:


Okay here is how I did it...

1) Lower all settings to min and lowest resolution

2) Log on a different server cluster, create new char there, die.

3) Mark the location of the respawn button with a sticky notw on the monitor

4) Log back into the bugged character. Put your mouse on the mark location and spam click there. Took a couple tries for me.

And here is the related post link what they are exactly talking about.


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3- Game Freezes after cliking connect 



27 minutes ago, Zetoidal said:


1. Step
1. Navigate to where Atlas is installed - this you can easily find without any real hassles. First right click on the game name in the steam library, click on properties, then click on the local files tab, then click on the browse local files. This will open the game folder where the game is installed.
2. Then navigate to this folder: ATLAS\ShooterGame\Content\Movies.
3. Create a folder named Backup in this folder.
4. Move AtlasTitle.wmv and LoadingScreen.wmv to the backup folder.

2. Step
1. Launch the game.
2. Join the server of your choice.

Here is related link of post.

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4- Unable to join after disconnect


Here is the link about related post. And below the solution


14 minutes ago, Evolver said:


Fix for: Joining failed! Unable to fetch current server info to join!


Browsing the steam forum I saw a post from JaaR who said that he has the solution that makes u actually able to reconnect. After 6 hours Im finally able to play again

1.Go in ur Steam instalation folder und look for
2.Read a "LastServerConnectStringCache..." file und copy a IP
3.press the right button on ATLAS and choose „setting“
4.go to startoption
5. write „+connect IP“ IP is from ur "LastServerConnectStringCache..." file
on an example: + connect
6.press „OK“
7. Start ur ATLAS
8. Accept a direct connet
P.S IF it dosnt work from the first try, just restart a Game.
after successful connection do not forget to remove „+connect IP“

I can play on!

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