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Said it before will post it again

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The last update when you had players was v402.6-ish, before the farmhouses, prefab crap, the wipes, and all the excess crap that got added that no one wanted. Want to save the game? roll back that far. The 15x15 map was amazing, could literally roll back that far with minor changes, and many old players would return.  For people who just like to tame, breed and farm just add a few Ark size islands.  Add greenhouse structures so we can grow crops in any biome, breed tames in any biome.  We wanted legacy ships to expand to frigates, sloops should have been slightly bigger.  Get rid of or change the weird ship of the damn and army of the damned, pirates or skeletons-ish would work, remove mines, farms anything and everything prefab ships and structures.  The point of sailing was to go out and get those resource's, not auto farm and sell them, limit island claims and shipyards, no company should need more than 2 small and 2 large shipyards.  If ships sat for too long we should be able to claim them, breeding and raising tames should be less time consuming, these are things most people wanted but no one listens to small or solo players.... the main players of your game, instead you listen to mega comps and pvp players.  Sooo many more ideas that we wanted but were ignored.  Watch both your trailers and see and remember the aww that we seen and the game we remember and deserve, if anything give us back the original map for single player. 

 MAGA ( Make Atlas Great Again) 

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