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Abandoned ships

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are abandoned ships destroyed by devs on request, I took over a spot on an island and now there’s 4 galleons and 3 cogs left for me to deal with, I can’t do anything with shipyards and now because of the ridiculously long decay timers on ships Iam at a standstill with game progression, after all this time why is there still no fix, these players are not coming back and even if they do there base is gone, with all the problems atlas is having with lag and ping also available beach frontage, doesn’t it make sense to allow players to delete ships after 10 days just like the players base, how does this make sense, why am I being punished by a player that no longer plays atlas, is there a reason the devs don’t want us to have the ability to dispose of these ships, it would make there job much easier or maybe technology hasn’t advanced far enough to allow this, my character can cough and poop which has no bearing on the game but I can’t enjoy my time on an island because of all the ships no longer in use, and before the trolls chime in look at the map and tell me where there’s room, also limit where houses to one per company per grid, and no player ever needs more than 5 large signs, please others players keep your stupid comments to yourself, helpful comments always welcome 

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