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And this game is pure crap. There is no reason for a game that has been in the public this long to still have so many  basic bugs. Especially when it seems; after talks on discord, this game has had many of these same issues since it was dropped.

This game is a prime example of why Steam needs to end this paid "early access" crap. This game is an example of an all too common occurrence. Get so far with a game, drop it as early access to account for bugs, and broken games, collect your money, and move on. No reason to continue to fix/developer a game once you get paid, right?


I really wanted to like this game. Been on my wish list since it was first announced. But with all my bad "early access" experiences, and the number of times I've regretted paying more then $20 for a game far, I wait for games to go on sale for $10 or less.. When it hit $10 I pounced, and am happy I waited.


I'm not mad, I'm disappointed.


FYI: I have over 8K hours in to just these sort of games. From 7D2D to Zombie panic.

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