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Spyglass still crashing the game :(

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Can anyone help me fix this? Every time I use spyglass my game crashes 😞 this has been like last 3 years or so... third PC and reinstalled Atlas atleast 10 times during these years and still having the same problem 😞
There is a old thread about same broblem that wont help at all as there is no way to "update" these files πŸ˜• Im confused!
I have stopped playing this game numerous times because this bug and losing my ship to SoD:s as game crashes if I try to use spyglass to check health or lvl of those 😞
Old thread here:


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Plagued by the same problem. Spyglass worked fine yesterday , now it crashes the game, i have no idea how is this allowed to persist for so long, i feel like this game has been abandoned in regards of bug fixesΒ 

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