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Compass graphics broken on Xbox

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Its not broken. Its what the Dev team did for Atlas but way to late.   Same thing that is wrong with the ship wheel and graphics.. They lowered the graphics on Xbox so that Xbox One people can play... Xbox One people could not play well before because of crashing because to much on screen with the graphics they was running.. 

Also the compass you can still read the really UGLY wooden stick lookin think is the NORTH arrow 😛

I hate the new graphics they added to the game. Makes the game so so ugly now. There so many bugs I wish was fixed on this game that been around for ever.

-Walking while swinging "SICKLE" bugging out the screen.

-Water Clipping threw the boats and the de-sink bouncing of the boat.

- Return of the old better graphics.

- Tames falling off the boat while crossing borders.

- Fixing name plates on some boats to show full name of boat.

- Fix glitchyness of rubbing against wild animals and getting stuck on them every 5 seconds. 
I am sure there is more but yeah... 😛

- UPDATING the outdated TUTORIAL for the game with each season. PLEASE!

- A tool guild to help know how to do everything in the game to some extent.  SAD I HAVE TO QUESTION PEOPLE ABOUT NEW STUFF.

THEY NEED XBOX SRIES X AND S version enhanced asap.. 
I got a new 4k TV and Xbox Series X and they lowered the graphics after the fact its been issues for years. They did something about it way way to late witch bugs me so much.

Everyone is getting the new consoles now and they lowed graphics but it way to late.. NOW THEY NEED TO FIX THE GRAPHICS BACK THE WAY IT WAS!

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Because I am mad about the lowering of the graphics also.
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