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Athena Starbuck

My come grid on PVE has gone crazy

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For a while now, I've noticed my C8, my home grid box, is acting weird. The water level goes too high/low. When I'm sailing, my boat looks more like a submarine than a boat. The water lever covers all of the boat except the sails. The floating chests, I forget what they're called, or floating above the water. And my character experiences a lot of lag. I feel like I'm programming my character, rather than controlling it. But when I leave C8, the game goes back to normal. 



I left C8. I moved my ships and tames, and settled somewhere else. But now something weird is going on. I can only fill my waterskins from barrels, that are located in the same grid box, I created the barrel and the waterskin. So I can fill my waterskin from a water source like a pond or a lake. But if I try from a barrel that is filled, it won't work. I have to create the waterskin in that grid to work.


Can anyone suggest a fix?

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