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Athena Starbuck

2 Easy mods. Ok 1 easy, 2nd not so easy.

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1. Can someone make a unicorn mod. I want to tame a unicorn (true white).

2. Is there a way to make a mod that clones or copies a tame. Or makes a template of a tame. Like let's say, I have a favorite tame. And copy the tame. Then give it to someone else. Then they have the same tame with the same name, look, and stats. Now, I've seen a mod that allows someone to put their tame in a flask/bottle. When you look at it, it shows a description of the tame. Shows the name, sex, color, etc. How about a mod, that lets you type in details like name, sex, color, etc, then press execute, and now you have a tame that matches the stats you put in. That way you've copied the tame without actually creating a file to is transferred to another player. Just dial-up a clone.

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I missed some info

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