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Athena Starbuck

Game crashes after loading, but before I can see my character.

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I play single player.  As the title says, I go thru the loading process. I eventually reach the player screen, where I see my character health, my item bar at the bottom of the screen, etc. The music plays, and just before I see my character and where she is, the game crashes. I've already opened a ticket and provided logs. But I don't get any real response, and I'm still not able to play. 

So while I wait for Atlas to do something, I'm trying to figure things out for myself.

In the past, I've had two main issues that were eventually resolved. One was resolved because of help I found online. So I'm hoping I can find help again from advanced players.

I have Atlas installed on another computer for troubleshooting purposes. When I move an older version of the Atlas save folder to the other computer, it works. But that version is a year or so older. I copy the current version of the saved folder from the main computer, and the game crashes in the same way.

So my question is, how can I update all the progress I've made from one saved folder to another? Can I migrate specific files from the saved version that will give me back most of the progress I've made. For example, what I've built. The tames I have. Or is there a file in the older version of the saved folder, I can copy to the newer version, that will make the game not crash.

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