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Regardless of all the bugs, this is a great game.  During my short time of game play I have come across several situations where I can't help but think that there must be a way to correct it.  BTW, I use an XBOX SERIES X.  

Keeping track with almost 300 tames can be a headache and some tames worse than others.  For example the Yeti.  This beast has an appetite that could kill a horse and as a result paying close attention to the food supply is a must.  What if the name started to blink every time the tame reached below 10% health from starvation???  Something that could identify the tame as having this issue so one could be attentive to the tames needs......

Also, concerning the follow distance assigned to tames, lowest selection is horrible. Have you ever been on a Razortooth with a tiger following to get paralyzed from the neck down because the tiger justed meshed through the Razor and now has completely froze the Razortooth in place.

Thanks for creating a challenging and fun game.


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