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Shanti de-la-mar

Update patch 538.6 3/10/2022

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OK so we're getting a new ship that has the ability to carry tames in a hold, definitely needed, but is it limited to one ship? Do the devs actually understand that people may want to be able to carry tames on all their ships in order to use them when treasure hunting. The model they have for this tame carrying railing takes the spaces needed for deck cannons. Also allot of space below top deck & lower decks is under utilised, this space could be made into a proper ships hold for all cargo's including animals rather than adding a new railing structure that takes up cannon space on the top deck.. also as basic tramp freighters cannot be built on & can't carry cannons they should not be targeted by the ships of the damned (sotd have been loitering around portals trapping ships against against portals as they exit the portal & sinking them, this is not a good way to retain new players who have everything on board their ships (because there's no room left to build bases on shore lines). Also when players place claim towers to build a base on the shore line so they can build a ship yard/Dock near their base & some large company decides to anchor a ship just to permanently leave it there, it prevents the person who's building from placing a shipyard, a way around this would be to prevent a non company member from anchoring in claimed territory...

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