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Atlas 2022 Roadmap Video

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Ahoy Pathfinders!

As we sail deeper into 2022, we are continuing our initiative of higher transparency with our amazing community. Today, as part of these efforts, we are providing a short video detailing our roadmap for the coming year. In the video, we lay out our plans for new content, new player experiences, and pending move out of early access!

First, let’s take a quick look back and some of the progress made in 2021 and how these changes impacted the game

  • Ship Building 
    • We introduced the modular ship system and several role-specific ships for players to customize their fleet 
  • PvP
    • We’ve added the Wonders system to create new endgame content and fun interactions for the player base  
  • Travel 
    • Tradewinds and portals were brought in to make the difficult voyages on the sea a little easier
  • PVE 
    • We’ve included new structures and tames to provide more content outside of battle 
      • Seahorses and dolphins are now tameable
      • New buildings (such as the quarry and advanced shipyards) to help pathfinders complete the fleet of their dreams
  • Map
    •  We reworked the map to create more themed regions for players to explore
      • Rookie Cove
      • Central Waters
      • Various real world inspired locations
        • Such as the Mediterranean, Arctic, and South American regions

In the video, we also acknowledge areas of improvement and preview what’s to come

  • Ships
    •  Creating a building experience similar to the legacy ships
    • Increasing the diversity and ability of ships
    • Upcoming “ship in a bottle” system
  • PVP balancing 
    • Structures for building harbor defenses
    • Structures that prevent others from building in your territory
  • Tame adjustments
    • New ship for tame hauling
    • Tame houses geared towards completing tame bloodlines
    • More water tames
  • New interactions and mechanics
    • Visiting NPC vendors
    • Laying temporary Tradewinds
  • Increased our communication with the community via our official Discord
  • Expanding the world with new additional islands, regions, and adversaries
  • … and so much more! This isn’t a complete or final list, but only a preview of the direction we are taking!



Please take some time to check out the video and let us know what you think. Until next time, as always, happy sailing!


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Sounds encouraging!  Keep up the push devs, so happy to see work being done here again and a real path forward.  Would be great to see something done on the PVE side as well... at least for addressing pillar spamming islands to the point they they are useless to land or spawn on.  

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Eugen, the only thing you ever beat is your own trouser protein. This is my kingdom. Be gone, peasant.


Why do people keep linking me this trash. Lol. Hope everyone is safe

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On 3/8/2022 at 1:45 AM, DiseasedLeopard said:

It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".

I agreed.

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