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Suggestions to improve the new player experience in Path of Exile.

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I've been trying to bring my friends to Path of Exile. The game is awesome and deserves much more attention then it gets. While the quality of the game is perceived by most of them, some things at least in my mind would greatly improve the new player experience.

  • More incentives to farm a wider variety of maps in the late game. Maps are still rare and difficult to progress without trading and the fact that the game has no in game trade system only worsens the situation.   cinema hd

  • New players have a lot of difficulty to navigate through areas that they are not familiar with, making the task of finding quests and advancing through the act frustrating. Changes to quest logs and mini map interactions could make the game flow better for those players.

  • There's no "single player" mode, but Solo Self Found corrected that. Now we can face the problem that the game has no Co-op mode, which could be fixed by a "Guild Self Found" mode (maybe a maximum stack of 4-8 players). It would be great to introduce new players to the game. Sharing itens and leveling in group would be supported.

  • Transfer important third party features into in game features.

That's some suggestions, I'm sure the community as a whole have a better picture of thing's that would improve the game and the experience for new players.

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2 hours ago, kileini said:
[wrong game]

you are sure you are in the right forum? This is "Atlas", a pirate themed game with ships and survival.

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