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The developers are doing nothing to make a normal atlas game work. A piece of offical map exists and is built in. It is almost impossible for a new player to build to occupy an island. I'm playing Series x and if I go through my finger box it's long to load the folder with ssd.! Now I shut down both Offival server and what I rent server as well. That's not why I bought the game !!!

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3 hours ago, Raiders said:

It is almost impossible for a new player to build to occupy an island.

Do you mean a solo player can't have an island? A solo player really shouldn't have a full island. But you can/should claim a section of beach to build a base on.

As far as a new player... the servers were just wiped, we are all new players starting out fresh.

If you are saying you can't find a section of beach to claim... you're just not looking because the islands are not full. 

However, Atlas can be hard from a knowledge point of view if you're just starting out. True! Knowledge is power here. What is possible... running solo, since the wipe, I've built a gally, brig, 2 bases, 2 markets, a few bears, and have +100k gold.  Point being it not about what's possible.

Xbox? Don't know anything about Xbox. Atlas is running great for a change on PC. No long load times, no crashing, no losing bears crossing grid, little to no lag.

I've never seen Atlas run so good. Wow! Did I really just say that? Maybe the new replacement devs are better than the old ones.  Now if they stop with the cats in hats and make content people really want.... 

P.s. Yes, the old boat are 5 times more data heavy but the new ships suck 5 times harder. I don't want one.  Just my opinion.

P.s. And the ship pay wall just moved the cost from one place to another. You need the ship to make the money... need the money to make the ship. Or, do lots of un-fun grinding. It's like the chicken and the egg with neither coming first. Free may not be right. I don't want to see 100s of parked boats again. Maybe 1k Sch. 5k Brig, 20k Gally. 


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