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pve [PC Server] Supreme Atlas 8x8 PvEvP | 5x PvE/10x PvP| Doubled Breeding | Stacks/AA/CG/Eco | Shop/Kits | Cross Chat | Long Term & Dedicated

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Supreme Gaming Overview
Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark, Atlas, Conan and Minecraft servers. Our goal is to provide survival servers that reduce unnecessary parts of the grind and increase dynamic gameplay and enjoyment. As such, several of our servers offer a more convenient approach to setup. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, frequent wipes and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods.
What you can expect
  • Communication and Transparency
           We will talk with players and listen to their issues and explain anything players would like to know on how we run, how we're setup, or anything else pertinent.
  • Non-discriminatory rule enforcement
          Play time, donor status, seniority on the server, etc. don't protect players from receiving the same consideration on rule violations than anyone else. Period.
  • A voice in how the server is setup
          We have frequent votes, allow players to put suggestion up for community consideration, and more. Servers are built for the community, and only rare executive decisions are made when necessary.
What you won't get
  • Pay-to-win schemes offering BPs, Max Tames, Character Boosts, etc.
           We don't believe in these and you'll never be required to donate to play on our servers or called a leech if you don't. Donations are 100% voluntary. Your progress will always be YOUR progress.
  • Admin corruption
           All of our admins are volunteers, and we're not paid anything (all donations go straight back into the server). You will not find admins deleting your stuff because they want your location, or banning anyone without discussion from the entire team (unless egregious violations like derogatory comments).
  • Blanket rule violation punishments
           Every situation is different, and we thoroughly review everything before making a decision as a team. This may lead some decisions to come out differently to similar situations. 
  • Dedicated Machines
  • 4z 2690v3 CPUs (48 cores, 3+ GHz)
  • 512 GB of dedicated ECC RAM, not shared
  • NVMe Storage
  • Low Global Ping
Unlike many other servers, we own all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for the optimal Atlas Experience providing a lag free running server.
  • 5x All Rates for PvE (10x Breeding)
  • 10x All Rates for PvP with double flotsam quality (20x Breeding)
  • Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players)
  • Decreased resource despawn radius
  • Taming Able: crocodiles (ride), scorpions (shoulder), cobras (pick-up), rattlesnakes (shoulder), spiders (ride), turtles (shoulder), yetis (ride), gorgons (ride)
  • Bola Timer: 5 min on all animals
  • Mating Timer: 12 hours on all animals
Extra Features
  • Dedicated Atlas Shop for armour, wheel, sail and other skins. No pay-to-win schemes.
  • Cross-Grid chat to talk with anyone in any grid.
  • Company Logs can be hooked to your personal Discord server to track your company and island activity.
  • 2-way communication from your Discord to your company in-game
You can quick-subscribe to all our mods in this collection
Atlas Architect QoL building improvements.
Atlas Overseer Additional admin tools to help us clean up old structures, boats, etc.
Atlas Stables - Store your dinos in the cloud and retrieve them from any grid.
CG Captaineering Fix - A fix for the broken Captaineering skill.
CG Ships Highly customised sail configurations and better handling ships.
Custom Item Stacks - Adjusts most stacks to 5k and reduces weight by 90%.
Custom Shipyards - Ability craft all ships in one place; modded, vanilla and modular. Adds dry docking for ships maintenance.
Eco's RP Decor Round out the look of your base with a collection of decor.
More Crops Grow almost any plant, grow crops on your ship, grow crops in any biome.
Re-usuable Tools An old staple from Ark, don't carry a dozen climbing picks or spears on you or worry about your grapple breaking mid climb.
Revy's Mods - Core - Core Mod to enable features from other Revy mods.
Smart Decay - Fixes Atlas' decay feature and provides the ability to give out vacation timers.
Tame Overhaul -Tame crocodiles, scorpions, cobras, rattlesnakes, spiders, turtles, yetis, gorgons and MORE! Breed in any biome, mate crabs, and enjoy some more realistic sizing of the tames.
Connection Information
IPs for adding to favourites and direct connection
D2 - play.supremegaming.gg:57550 - Click Here for Direct Connection
D8 - play.supremegaming.gg:57562 - Click Here for Direct Connection

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