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Patch Feedback Modular Ships Tested

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Hello Devs, Hello Players.

I am back, installed the game again due to christmas holidays to test the new patch. My target: Testing the new modular ships not using any of the old once. So I started on the official PVE Server in the Rookie Lawless. After maybe 8 or 9 hours I am done so far and just can't stand it... what a shame you did there Devs... time to bug fix the ships!!

So the start was quite easy with 2500 hours expirience in the game. The Cog is a really nice starting ship... very cheap now and fast to build, you just need some level ups to get the skills. 9000 weight you can go every where not needing the sloop anymore. It's size is good, speed is decent - i couldn't find gem, so i couldn't check with sextant buff. Only stupid is the small single sail... why not make a medium at least? Hitbox of the ship is quite to large. Turning speed is very low... but ok, it's a starter merchant ship. If you place double cannon module the front cannons touch the stairs blocking the front deck or sometimes even get bugged and can't be used to fire.... fighting power is very bad with 2 cannons abviously. Not worse to farm resources for cannon balls. You can't place railings on that one, so you don't have a diving attachment. My monkey just died on my shoulder while i was on the cog - food fine... he may was under water and couldn't breath? Don't care about such little bugs.

So, time for somthing bigger. Next one is the Carrack. Well you need 1k gold for the advanced shipyard(thank you for reducing the ship costs). I did this with the cog and some sunken treasures and a hand full of 0,5 treasures. Unfortunately you need about level 35 to skill ship building as well as taming 2 to make higher level Treasure maps(with a Bear, Bull etc.). Got Level 35 with killing and harvest elephants about 1 hour. So got 300 cannon balls, a carrack with 3 large handling sails ready to go and started my journey. As written by @George Catcher after every encounter you should drive to an island and let the crew repair the ship... because as I also written in my Majestic Kraken feedback one year ago the repair of modular ships is absolut garbage! Repair kit costs are insane as well... just make the modular repair like the old ships... or balance the kits.... don't let the players have to look 5 seconds on the modul for 1k HP refilled. There is still no leakage symbol like the old ships had... so still very complicated to search the destroyed module to repair it... again the old system works well -> every hit(player action) repairs an amount of HP, it only takes 1x resources, it repairs to full over time... why try to design a new wheel when the old one was already round? A Square may rolls better?

First basics -> level up the ship for some crew and resistance. Now with some green and yellow Shooners and Brigs sunk we should go for some bigger fish... NPCs on 10 cannons one sided sounds like a good plan... what about encountering a lvl 29 SotD Brig? Well the Carrack is long and very bad to maneuver. so you go broadside, make two salves and escape, turn about 1 minute(fun is gone already) to make the next try. Unfortuntately the Brig always aims on the same 7,5k HP gun port in the center of the ship... so this one is quite fast destroyed. With this ship it's nearly impossible to shot the SotD without receiving some hits yourself. So you wonder how the story ends? The mentioned gun port got down to 0 HP while all other had still 5-6k HP. When reaching 0 HP unfortunately the Carrack gets completely destroyed with 90% total Hit points... greetings to the fishes...

Here is already the end of my feedback to the actual patch. Modular ships do not work Devs... same issues like one year ago with the first one.... nothing changed, nothing fixed, all broken. I don't care about damned land structures for rotten meat or wonders... I want (working)ships as a Pirate.... I even did not make a grid change with the carrack... it already sunk before...

PS to the Crrack some little issues:

Did you even know if you put tames on the ship with wheel menu it always lands in the cabine below the steering wheel... but those doors are too small even for a pig... can't get it anywhere else on the ship. Besides using those modular ships as cheap transport ships they are useless in the current state. PVE Players lought at me when i tlaked about my test setting... they just said: Don't do it.... build a Shooner, or straight away a Brig. You can place railings but only in the shipyard... well i guess to avoid repair material abuses from the old ships with diving attachment? But you can't place cannon railings... well you don't need with those two decks of up to 24 cannons to one side. YOu only need to skill 20 levels into crew to use those... the feeling of this ship is very bad. Cog weight: 9000 -> Carrack weight -> 9000 ?????? the Carrack is twice as long with 6 module places instead of 1 and two decks... who of you does have this ideas - please think about some realistic balance between the ship classes?(not to mention the Cog has 1,0 sail points, the Carrack 8,0 = 3x large sail of 2,7 -> 2,666667 i don't get the math but it works). Also the third large sail can only be placed in front of the steering wheel into the stair case... so you barely can glitch around it to move around on the ship....

Btw. I found a blue print for a Broadsider in blue quality and wanted to test this one.... but my Carrack sunk because of one destroyed module.... what a shame.


Feedback to portals: Did not reach any Portal so far...


pictures of sunken Carrack: Only one module destroyed to 0 HP .... no other one leacking ... still under water instant... thank you for reducing the sink rate of the modulars... but this bug makes it still garbage.




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Unfortunately they didn't bother to balance stats (I hope it's YET). All modular ships are basically Schooners, with 9000 base weight and +200 per lvl. Because of that, for example, Boardsider (with 40 cannons, alot of cannonballs, alot of crew), will be at least 60% loaded or around 80%-90% with gunports opened. But with advanced blueprints, Boardsider can carry 4 large sails (the sail on very back will block your way to very stern, so you'll have to jump to get there), and large weight sail "must have" here.

I guess it's the same with battle Carrack (12 cannons each side) and Harrier (12 cannons each side).

As for speed... well, last season I had mythic Rammer! With 2 speed and 1 weight sail it run 28 knots downwind. Same sail setup with Harrier gives just 20 knots... with similar size width and weight.

It's weird. 

2 speed, 1 handling and 1 weight sails on Boardsider (same width and weight, but longer) gives same 28 knots... so I guess they just put same numbers to all ships as temporary measures, and didn't have time to balance them well.

Basic COG with one small speedsail runs 15 knots which is really good for beginner's ship. But I've got legendary COG BP with 4 sails point (so 2 mid sails will go there). I plan to build and give it away to someone. Just wondering how fast will that bird go lol. 

Also handling. Last season Carrack was insane. It was so fast it handled so well so players could face all damned fleet and LITERRALY DODGE cannonballs. This season DEVs nerfed that for unplayable state. @Kummba told that he just left his Carrack to the ocean, because couldn't get it back to his base. 

Sailing Boardsider is torture. You can run full speed, press and hold A or D, (or left/right on controller) and sail around island. It has THAT turning radius:


I just gave away this ship to random player, because I couldn't stand this handling. I was happy with sailing speed, but every island I was about to visit ate all time I saved sailing fast. Also I don't know about PVP, maybe the Linen Tactic works there well. But in PVE - it takes forever to destroy damned ship, because you run by, shoot and then run away for a minute and turn for 3-4 minutes. If you'll be lucky enough you'll be able to stop board to board to damned ship, and "tank" it... but, it's not a good idea against lvl-30+ damned Galley.

I now run Harrier (it's like Carrack with front end from Mortar Ship). It handles better, but still - not enough for "dancing" with damned ships. Old fashion Brigantine was and remains the best for damned fleet board fighting.

One more thing. Boardsider is neutral to all enemies. That means if you not shoot damned ships you can even ram them. They don't even point their guns at you. So I guess it's really cool alternative to transport Galleon - run fast and safe lol.

Edited by George Catcher

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