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The last time i played i did so in the desert biome, so yesterday i created my character and started working towards moving to africa, first kick in the nuts came when i went to free port with my bear, hired 3 sailors and instructed them to follow me to the boat, the moment the last sailor jump on the boat my bear simply stoped existing, banished without a trace, i took it like a man and altered all my plans since i had to retame my bear as you cannot find bears in the desert (unless you do now), while sailing around in the process of re-taming my bear the 2 unassigned sailors i hired also went puff, simply disappeared, when? i have no idea, i only know they were with me when i departed but at some point they simply werent anymore, i took that hit too and proceded with re-taming a bear, after a rather frustrating time finding one i manage to tame one, so back to the begging right?? lets go to africa i tought, so i did all the sailing needed and finally decided on an island to stablish my base, can you guess what happens next??? yes, my new bear was gone.

i dont know why this game keeps existing tbh, they keep introducing content when this basic bugs still exist after 3 years as when you try to hide a dead body under a rug, the fundamental code of the game is absolute garbage, i imagine this new team is trying to build a game from scratch using as a fundation the same piece of shit coding the past team wrote and i just cannot comprehend how they cannot realize that you cannot build a castle in a swamp.

i came back after not playing the game for 2 years, i expected NOTHING from the game, and yet it still managed to disappoint me, honestly just kill this monstruosity, discontinue the project and let it die in peace.

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