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Being a long standing member from preorder date I've seen atlas from ever minor and major change and as everyone knows it's not perfect by a long shot, BUT its community knows well how to not only ballance the game but also how to make it more popular.


  We all know the history of how it came to be as a split off from ark but to the point I'm making. A very helpful suggestion if possible firstly is to lower or change the codex for your various farming/gathering establishments.


  It is more a hindrance and far less appealing game play when we cannot place all or even ONE gathering building because it is "TOO CLOSE" to another this includes OTHER PEOPLES which it SHOULD NOT be effected by, even if we manage to get one building down it's a good 150 square units before another can be placed THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.


  When we had the simple farmhouse gathering everything gameplay was great and actually enjoyable. But now that immersion has come to the board it makes it increasingly difficult for anyone large or small to properly enjoy the game rather than constantly have to go searching for their various gathering spots.


  I'm aware of the purpose of the warehouse to simplify this however EVEN THE WAREHOUSE is bound by the same restrictions! this is a matter to which myself and I'm sure many others feel could be rectified easily.


  SECONDLY, with the new release of ships as grand as they are it gives full reason and ability for us to have our generic ships free again, if anything the most annoying change was how after so long we have to pay for ships that we spend weeks or even months constructing only to have to pay for it as well.


  If the money provided the ship automatic crew and cannon placement then I could completely understand and accept such pricing but as it is most cant even afford to build a brig. anymore despite the market providing gold due to the issue stated above this.


  Ergo I would request the development team take the time to heed my advice and act upon it you are doing great work and making incredible changes to better the game but to make it all worth while heed the communities ideas and efforts to help you a achieve more greatness by making the gameplay fair for ALL be them individual or the largest tribe online.


Thank you for your time and efforts.

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Lol i like how you even think they will listen to you if they wont listen to anyone else, i mean you put the biggest issues in here and would be some nice changes but the devs dont care they only care about themselves thats why cedric left the atlas team he wanted to be apart of a community not apart of selfish idiots so again back fo why would they listen to you if they didnt listen to cedric?

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