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pve Selling Tames andf Paintjob/Tattoos

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Hey there everyone!

You need a friendly little helper to get your Tresure Maps done or farm some rare Material? Want to start your own Breeding Adventure and need some good Males and Females to start with?
Come visit Playbox at and get your high level tames!
We are selling breedable Bears, Horses, Parrots, Crows, Bunnys, Wolfes, Tigers, Elefants, Rhinos and Giraffes. All tames are raised with love and fed well 😉
And if you just need them for the Job there is always the possibility to get them neutered and pay less. Every animal comes with a free paintjob if you like.
We are also selling Paintjobs and Tattoos
Visit our Discord to find more information about us: https://discord.gg/SvzdhMAKG8

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