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Single Player Xbox One crash at large islands

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I’m playing single player Ocean map on an Xbox one. I’ve experienced numerous crashes but it’s now apparent that the larger the island the worse the crash. The large island on F8 - Grafsor Island I think- is really bad. I had to escape the island in 30 second bursts between saves to get stability back. No matter what or where (anywhere where the “Discovery area” text is top right) the game crashes back to the Xbox dashboard. 
Does anyone know how to reduce the load on graphics? It’s clear the game is struggling with the amount it needs to draw. I’ve turned vsync off and on -no effect.

Other large islands crash to a lesser extent. Bredenmark Reef on C8 is one just playable but several times I prevented repeated crashes by getting away from my ships and base (where there’s a lot of extra items to include in the RAM).

Also, I’m unable to locate any of the boss islands. I’ve found two guides with the specific locations but when I arrive there’s nothing at all. Anyone know what’s going on?



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