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Skilltree Rework - Split Crafting from Using

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In short terms:

Why someone hast to know how to CRAFT a Weapon or Armor to use it?

It's a waste of skill points and pretty useless that you've to Skill a lot of Crafting Skills just to skill also the "usage" skils.

For Armor as Example. To get bonus like temperated armor or movement speed  etc you've to learn also how to craft the armors.

Same for the weapons. Firearms. You've to learn a bunch of different skills just to calm your aim or speed up the reload minigame.

In my opinion it would be a good idea to rework the Skill Trees.

For example: A Knight was someone who was used to wearing armor and fight with several weapons, but not in creating their own.

A Sniper or Pistoleer are masters in using their weapons that doesn't mean they can craft their own

Last example: Most of us IRL wear pants but i am sure most of us can't weave them ^^'


Also working in Beastmaster or Shipwrighting/Sailing

A good Rider doesn't mean that he/she is good in taming or train their animal

And just cause someone is a good captain that doesn't mean  he's also a good shipwright and so on.

Long story short: Bulding/Crafting and using are different things.

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