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done wiht this stupid game

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Can ttell u how many times i lost ship battles because afo the stupoid mermaid that makes u lose control over ur ship.

IM done wiht this game.


And im chased by admins. Thye spawn mermaid circles in front of me when im in a big PVP sea battle and im about to turn the sails, the moment i turn sail (bad against wind) the mermaid suddenly pops up,. THis is no coincidence this is calculated by the developers.

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seems to be a case of
'just because you're paranoid, does not mean they're not after you'

for everyone else see: grappling hook

PS @chukiki
what is your secret...? we are trying to get the devs attention for the last 6 Seasons...
in our reality they basically do not exist at all... now we know they live rent free in your head...
not fair...!!!

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