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Community Creations - Pathfinders On Display (2nd Ed.)

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Ahoy Pathfinders!

We’re back again to feature the community and their amazing creations. Every image or video we receive, showcasing your incredible talents, amazes us and we can’t help but want to share your creativity to the world.  If you’d like to see your content featured in a future post, tag us (@sailtheatlas) on twitter or drop your shots in the proper channels on the Atlas Community Discord. 

We want to thank you for all your support and we hope you continue to share your adventures with us.

So ‘til next time, may your skies be clear, waters calm, and sails full in whichever way you roam.


Fortify a New Future (courtesy of @DudeTheDude via Discord)


Seaport Sanctuary (courtesy of @millfragger02 via Discord)



XD (courtesy of George Catcher via Discord)



No Place like Home(Courtesy of Spiro Spero via Discord) 



Sail with Pride (Courtesy of Absolver via Discord)





Happy Sailing,

- ATLAS Crew

:skull: For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information :skull:

Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas

Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas

Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas

Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame








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Congrats, posting 5 frames on your website is the first substantial FPS increase this game has received. 👏👏👏

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Congratz to this nice builders on the PVE server. Oviously no PvP Player did sent any picture to not show the real PvP base design^^ But there are some nice ships out there with great sails ... but missing some decks etc for weight reasons and those ugly catapults to the rear xD

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