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Many players are accusing the Devs of corruption and/or assisting their friends in this game! As much as it is acceptable to have Devs playing in 'pre-release', what is NOT acceptable is when there is sadly more and more evidence coming to light that maybe they do have a point. The Devs need to answer the following:

1. Since day 1, certain 'big' companies manage to claim the best islands with the best resources within 20 minutes or so after launch from a wipe. How is that possible? We have to battle it out for an hour or more!
2. Then in this current season, why is it that the same 'big' companies can place 8 metal mines next to each other in about a length of 200 metres to gather a rare resource? How is that possible?
     There are also many more instances where the other 'big' companies can place a farmhouse, mine, quarry and lumberyard right next to each other. How is that possible?
     While these companies can seemingly do what they want, and where we always get the issue of "too many" and cannot even get 1 down, leaves a lot to be desired.

3. After this last wipe, you said that you have fixed the resources to balance the game. Really? No, in fact you have screwed it up so badly that it stinks! Let's take silk for example...I have been told that there are only a few trees that have it, hard to find and that it can now only be harvested by hand, and that we should rather gather seaweed instead! WHAT?
Then on the 'preferred big company islands' you find 1 flower that gives you almost every berry, straw and more! Then when one finds a strawberry and gets all excited, you just get straw!
If it looks like a strawberry, let it give a strawberry! Find a crystal, and get iron instead? WHAT?  
Instead of bringing in amendments to your useless prebuilt ships that no one seemingly wants, how about taking a day or two and FIX THE DARNED RESOURCE TABLE?  

Here are but a few pics of the unfairness. Are you intent on fixing the game? Are you being corrupt? Are you assisting your friends by giving them unfair advantages? The players DESERVE honesty and integrity from you so how about giving it? After all, we have PAID you to play!


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I too have many pics and vids. Showing what you are saying. Last season we seen the same thing with warehouses. This season we have had server restarts after defending and killing bears, server would restart and rollback 5 mins so the bears were alive. We have seen and have pics of people raiding in thatch building up in the air with no pillars support. The devs have no intention to balance the game against the dev supported cheating megas and them being in on it is the most logical analysis. 

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