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George of the jungle

Unfortunately the new claim system and wipe did not help

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7 hours ago, DannyUK said:

Many of us have been talking about it over the years, I can't believe they haven't even tried it yet. It's been the same pretty much since launch, personally I don't think they will do it because all they know is Ark code, they haven't got the capabilities to implement it but it would certainly make the game more interesting.

Look at how New World have implemented it, you have 3 factions that can fight for an area with structures, a certain time is set to defend/attack the base which you can opt in or out to do. You lose it you must try to regain control and push back. Atlas could have done something similar have a big island with a fort of some kind with structures to take control of, 3 or 4 factions trying to take control of it. The faction in control has certain perk or benefits.

We know it won't happen though, wishful thinking. I will certainly enjoy playing the New World beta from tomorrow though, I can see the numbers drop further it will be interesting to see just how many abandon ship again. 

Well they are barely 200 from their all time low so once new world comes out I am guessing they will preemptively “wipe” and do a new “season” 2 months early with a new map again lmao

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I just saw the new world intro and game play for the first time. Pretty excited to say the least.

now at only a little over 100 from their all time low. Still dropping as always. These numbers are just bad. Pure failure 

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