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Bugged platforms

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I found a pre-built stone cliff platform in a sunken treasure chest. I placed it and placed a warehouse and market on it. Was fine for about 10 days and it disappeared along with everything on it. It was placed next to claim tower, which is still there and I was there within 12 hrs of it disappearing. I really think there is an issue with naming things, tames, beds, ships etc. Because it wasn't built by someone and doesn't have a name tied to it, I feel that is the reason for it's disappearance. Alot of gold and resources up in smoke. Please look into and fix please. There are some exploits tied to the naming thing also so there is something going on with naming things. Also warehouses show up blue when placing, but when placed a message says it's unable to be placed due to another one in the area even though I'm on the other side of the island to the one it's referring to. About 2 to 3 claim tower radius away. It has the radius to that of before update. Also saw 3 gathering modules in 1 claim tower radius. Wtf is the deal with that! 2 of them were almost touching each other! Fix the playability of game before adding more broken stuff!

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