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Lawless Claim Towers And You

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This post is more of a brain-dump about the new lawless claim tower system than a commentary. It's not comprehensive by any means, but hopefully it might be useful for anyone with questions about it.

We're a small company of ten folks this season, so we decided to forego the whole island claim race and give the new lawless claim thing a go. So far, we generally like it as it seems ideal for small groups or even a solo, since a claim tower locks down a good chunk of land for yourself without the need to spam claim blocks. Now onto the stuff:

  • You cannot place claim towers on lawless islands adjacent to freeports or on "quest" islands - like the polar islands where you do the yeti achievement. There might be more islands that are blocked, but we haven't found any.
  • Claim towers have no "combat timer" or permission functionality at all, and they will not protect you or your buildings/tames from attack. Basically, they just give you a ring of building blocking and immunity from the lawless decay timer. Attackers can happily skip past your ring of claim towers and burn down your thatch shack 24/7, so plan accordingly.
  • Only the claim owner can build within the claim tower circle; enemies and allies alike cannot.
  • Player and company owned claim towers become owned by the inviting company when joining or merging.
  • Claim towers are fairly cheap (no alloy for land claim towers), and one person can probably gather enough mats for one in a few minutes. Water claim towers are pricier since they require alloy.
  • If you played in the first season, the claim mechanic will be familiar (since it's basically the old flag-claim, but with towers). Each company, even if you're a company of one, begins with 200 points to spend when claiming. Your first tower will cost (4?), and then scale up as you add more. Tower claims do not need to be adjacent (or even on the same island), and they cover a reasonably large area (this isn't us, btw):


  • There's a one-hour(ish?) delay after you place a tower before the land is officially claimed, which you can see as a flashing green circle on the map. When first placed, the tower will have very low hitpoints, and will repair itself over the next hour to a maximum of 400k hitpoints. Note: On hover, there's an option to feed the tower 200g. We have no idea what this is for - maybe it instantly repairs it to full? Dunno. You don't need gold to place one, and we're not in the habit of giving gold to random buildings without knowing why.
  • You can place multiple claim towers at the same time, and their circles can overlap. In the case of overlap, the first tower placed takes precedence: I.e., the first tower placed controls a full circle, the second overlapping one controls its circle minus the 'bite' taken from the first claim. This is relevant when placing towers next to enemy claims: you can place a tower directly next to (but not within) an enemy claim, and your claim will not capture any land controlled by the enemy tower until it's destroyed,
  • Enemy claimed areas can only be captured when the enemy claim tower is destroyed. At 400k hitpoints, common cannons will need just over 300 cannonballs to destroy it.
  • Water claim towers can only be placed adjacent to your own land claim towers (I'm guessing that this is to prevent monkeys from claiming chunks of open sea, as often happened in season one).
  • Land claim towers follow the local build height limit (not the bed/cannon height limit), so you can definitely land claim mountaintops around you (and you should).
  • Your buildings within a claim ring will not be subject to the fast lawless building decay rate. You might see a 'decay quickly' when you first place a tower - ignore it, it's a dirty lie.
  • If you read nothing else in this list, read this... it's really, really important: buildings within a claim tower radius are owned by whoever owns the claim tower. Which means, if the claim tower in which your base resides is destroyed, and an attacker places their own claim tower in its place, the attacker now owns everything within the ring of their claim tower: every building piece, door, chest etc.. now belongs to them (i.e., their company's name appears on hover instead of yours), potentially without a shot being fired - other than those at your now-destroyed claim tower.
  • It is possible to build around a claim tower and completely enclose it within layers of blocks and/or honeycombed walls (see above bullet point). If you have a primary base, it's probably a smart idea to build your base around a claim flag.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll add more if anything comes to mind. Feel free to add anything if you have additional insight or have specific questions.

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