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Tell me how to kill a game without telling me

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I got something  to say the game was doing well but looking deeper into these "updates" these game killer updates. 

The necessary  things to play the game like normal have been taken away.

1  if they want more ocean time.. why the heck would  you make ships cost gold?  Especially  schooners doesn't make sense when you have these huge ass companies who monopolize half the server and prevent any players from trying to get gold, or going to the ocean and you get a max 150 gold  or there are barely any sunken treasure, and when there is  its guarded by the SOTD


2 why decrease  the height of  of defensive structures, oh sorry SDC you can't defend your vault from a high table top even tho we made the Maps and designed the island instead of just making islands flat


There are plenty of examples but to me this seems like a cash grab you paid for the game like I did. I am hoping no one starts a petition  to Microsoft  or steam to allow refunds

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