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pve Purr-Nation Gaming Community - Seeks Sailors!

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I help administrate the server known as Purr-Nation. We are a laid back community, looking for more sailors to join and sail with us.

Feel free to search us up.

https://discord.gg/VgcCBkRVWq  - Join our discord!
https://purrnationgaming.com/ - our website.


Loaded Mods - 

                           Custom Item Stacks
                            ATLAS Shipwright (v0.8)
                            ATLAS Beastmaster (v0.10.3)
                            ATLAS Overseer (v0.9)
                            TnM Powerstone Tameable Animals
                            Improved Settlements
                            Marvelous Spyglass
                            Lanterns & Torches Galore
                            Peachy Ship Decor
                            Soap's Medieval Structures
                            KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX
                            Unlock Powerstones
                            Tame Overhaul

                            Kontities Mod
                            Cow Carts and Carriages



We have a custom map, and from time to time we roll and redesign the map with a season refresh. At the moment, we are a 4X4 grid, and stable... running on dedicated equipment.


We host more that just Atlas! We host Valheim, Dark and Light, Rust. - Full Service community!


Come join us, and have fun.


Edited by PurrNation-Aaron
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PurrNation - Atlas - Server data was wiped today, FRESH map!  - Come join, get some free lootboxes and some free points for the in game shop!

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