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devs, when you will understand or learn from your mistakes?

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When you will understand or learn from your mistakes?
Why in pve there is no limit from building (gathering machineries or structure components) .
Each company should have only one machine from each type, and it should be a limit with building components.
You are not giving us a chance to alliance or trade, with unlimited strategy companies don't need each others.
They will have unlimited resources (for who play first days after each wipe only)
Can you imagine that, in same island we trade fibers with woods? or metal with thatch and wood?
If its unlimited, other players will not have a chance to join the game after 3 months.
Just after 6 hours from last wipe, players keep building machines randomly every where, they build machinery close to me.
How i supposed to build one, i don't wanna to be with claim in lawless islands.
I keep sailing to 12 islands i cannot find a place to build.
I'm not gonna sail all around the world to find a place to place my gathering machine or build a base.
Still the game is for who will start playing from beginning after last wipe, so after 3 months there is no place for new players.

Idea for your achievements when game will release; I Delete The Game.  350 Points

Take your last patch paper works, roll it and push it twice then smell it..

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I cant believe that!! i just sign in to forum to write about this. I was unable to sleep for two days and I was waiting for the 28-4 update, atlas was late to release the update, but what to say?! maybe they was busy for something else important more than looking after them players.

I was in island and there was a company builds machines every where, there was no place for us to build our machines.
I asked them nicely can you relocate your machines from my side, lets be friends so we can fight bosses and kraken.
They said No I should go to different Island, awkward!

If you want to build unlimited machines go to claim island not in lawless.
I told that for atlas, its PVE it should be a limit for each company like

100 Thatch, 200 Wood, 300 Stone, One machine of each type, 1 Gally, 2 Brigs, 3 Sloops

If that will be PVE role:

  1. you will see trade in same island between companies
  2. you will not see docks every where, so new players will have some space to start playing
  3. you will not see stupid shops 1000 KM , so new players will have some space to start playing
  4. you will find a place to beach your ship on different islands when you keep sailing all around the world map

for 2 years now we try to pull our friends from different games to ATLAS, we cannot. they laugh and always same comment,
Why you wanna us to play with you atlas, and after one week you get angry because there is no place for you to build your base or beach your ship!
because exactly what you said there is no place for new players when they join the game after 1 week from last wipe.

I wonder If developers discuss the game role between each other!

any way I like the achievement, (I delet the game) hahahahha

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Why not ask some more basic questions like...

Why did they remove one of the PVE maps, reducing PVE map space by 50%?

Why the gatherer changes that now require people to have more gatherers? I think these gatherer changes are terrible.

I'm not saying some don't spam, rather the devs are adding to this not making it better.

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