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Atlas new Ship models

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 i was looking For moor ships interesting i have some idear and i willing show picters from old ship what i remember wil be great place them in Atlas 

Chinese Ships : smal / Medium / Big

Merchants Ships smal / Medium / Big

Battle Ships : smal / Medium / Big

Navigations Ship some people ar Interesting to Have dose ships in Game I hear it

unknown.png  unknown.png   

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yes I told them remove noensense custom building from land and sea, and give us whole ships and houses. 
The game performance is totally killed by custom buildings, people spam structures that consists of hundrets of pieces. And the buildings look ugly.

And Building is not fun! No it is NOT! Having to rebuild my ship a hundret times or rebuilding my house and land defence isnt fun! It's repetitive.

I want nordic, greek, chinese and egyptian cultural ready buildings and ships that u can just place and put ur stuff inside.

THe whole nonesense building needs to go! Same wiht ships. Stupid custome building I hate it! Making ugly ships is creative!? No ur just being lazy, not wanting to design ships for us!

To make this game look good, run smoothly and be fun, all custom building needs to be removed.


But the reason why the game will never be great is the developers care only about money. They have no interest in making a great game.

They think like this:
Ok how do we make more people buy our game? Ok, lets add some gimmicks (dolphin riding, seahorse riding, animal hats, decorated boats etc.) that will attract new customers!

Yepp, thats how they think. Thats why they havent fixed any bugs. And are not going to because in their mind it is "why waste time on fixing bugs, when people are dumb enough to keep playing our games the way it is"
Their whole focus is on gaining new buyers, they believe we are already stupid enough to keep playing their buggy mess.
So nothing is fixed, only gimmick has been added.

And they remove people from the forum, that speak those things out! That's why the majority of the forum users are all big company worshipping followers. Thats the people that are left here.   People like u and me are the minority here, even though we are indeed the MAJORITY if u get what im saying!

Even though Atlas is a pirate game, the ship designs and battle mechanics are horrible!

Even android games do a better job than Atlas at this:


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i have moor Picters of ships haha that youtube from that game is great there the have normal cannon on left or right not on the back LOL


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