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Razors, high level crows and parrots for sale

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Current Tame Stock
Male – Wild level 21 – Name: Reed
Male – Wild level 33 Name: Rocket
Female – Wild Level 30 Name: Clover
Male wild level 32 Name: Ace
Female wild level 30 Name: Peaches
Female wild level 32 name: Queen
Female wild level 34 Name Tesla
Male wild level 60 Name Spenser
Male wild level 60 name Cash
Male wild level 58 name Asher
Male wild level 63 Name Austin
Male wild level 65 Name Adam
Male wild level 60 Name Alex
Male wild level 70 name Anthony
Male wild level 78 Name Aiden
Male wild level 55 Name Aaron

Origin of Storms breeding center is located on grid e4 middle island.

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