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Patch V520.12 - Tameable Dolphins, Coffee, and Balance Changes

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Ahoy Pathfinders!

We hope you all have had a wonderful start to the New Year so far! ATLAS’ first patch of the year is now here and we thank you for your patience!

Since we have renewed the ATLAS journey last Summer, there have been many changes and we are continuing to further develop the features and mechanics that are starting to take shape. Farmhouses, Warehouses, Markets, and the Trading system will continue to be tweaked and refined. We have plenty in store for the specialized ships within the Ships for Gold system as players will be able to customize these ships as more are released and the system becomes more sophisticated. 

We are still testing a new claim system and Tradewinds are still on our agenda. We also have a few new things on the horizon for ATLAS. Not to mention, we are continuing to work on optimization and server improvements in the background! We hope you stick with us, it’s gonna be an exciting ride!

     :anchor: New this Patch :anchor:

Tameable Dolphins
Tired of travelling by ship? Dolphin riding is now an alternate form of water traversal! Dolphins are the first underwater creature that can be tamed and bred by unlocking the new Underwater Taming skill in the Beastmastery tree. They can be tamed passively by feeding them meat, in particular, the new Squid Tentacle which can be obtained by defeating Squids. As part of an overall initiative to revamp and bring new purpose to tames, Dolphins are the first of a slate of new underwater tames that will have specialized functions. Afterall, as a pirate game, we would expect there to be more interactions with creatures at sea. Pathfinders can expect small changes to tames and breeding to slowly roll out in tow with some patches. We hope to elevate the taming system in ATLAS to be more viable and fun as other mechanics may change how some tames were used before.


Seed Vendor and Coffee

Business is booming, and a new vendor has set up shop at the Freeports! Working on your farm and looking for a particular crop? The Seed Vendor is your one stop shop! Most seeds can be purchased at a rate of 10 gold for 5 seeds. 

With new business, also comes a new crop! Coffee Seeds can be purchased from the Sea Vendor at 20 gold for 5 seeds. Fight away sleep in real life and in game! Coffee Beans can be brewed to create Coffee! Drinking coffee will give pirates the new buff, Caffeinated, which reduces incoming torpor damage. 

Embrace the power of coffee! Do we smell a Starfishbucks empire coming up?


     :anchor: Farmhouse Variants :anchor:

Last patch we introduced the Lumberyard, the first of the new Farmhouse variants as we continue to refine the Farmhouse system.  These variants are specialized Farmhouses that will gather certain resources at a faster rate. We are now introducing the Mine - a farm that will only gather Metals and Gems, and the Quarry - a farm that will only gather Stone, Crystal, Salt and Flint. They both share the same placement restrictions as other Farmhouses, but require different resources to craft as detailed in the Patch Notes. 

All Farmhouses are undergoing changes in preparation for adding Blueprints. Gather rates have temporarily been normalized at a lower rate across all types. Quality Blueprints with stats will increase this in a future patch. Other changes made to Farmhouses include base inventory size and base inventory slots increase. Based on feedback, decay time of Farmhouses has been changed to 10 days. 

     :anchor: Balancing and Tweaks :anchor:

Through our observations, conversations, and feedback from players, Patch 520.12 also includes some balance changes and tweaks that should help to mitigate some of the issues we were seeing.

Bolas are a versatile tool that can be used on creatures and players. While great to use for taming and fun to use on others, there was little that could be done to counter the mechanic when a player is caught. We have reduced the duration of Bola entrapment from 5.5 to 2.5 seconds and after recovering from entrapments, players cannot be entrapped by a Bola for 10 seconds. Another change we’ve made is that players can no longer stand while entrapped by a Bola.

Explosive Barrels have been a hot topic and we are continuing to work out a good balance for them to fit within the mechanics of the game. Cannons, Large Cannons, Swivel Guns, and Ballistas are now immune to AOE damage from Explosive Barrels. Damage from Explosive barrels to players and creatures has also been reduced. 

We are also continuing to make changes to the Ramming Galley and both Ship systems as we prepare to rollout the rest of the upcoming Ships for Gold. The Ramming Galley has received a few quality of life upgrades - an increase in number of additional structures that can be placed, and an increase in turn speed with rowers active. An adjustment to the leak rate when damaged has been made as well. In general, we have also added the option to purchase ship levels 56-60. Ship Gold cost will also now scale with Ship Quality and we will continue to take a look at the prices and adjust accordingly to balance with future changes and mechanics to both ship systems.

Please see the full changelog below for more details and additional changes related to combat, horse rear kick attack, rabbits, and more!

     :anchor: Released Patch Notes :anchor:


New Structure: Mine
The Mine is a farm that only gathers Metal and Gems. It can be crafted at the Smithy after learning the Advanced Automation skill in the Construction & Mercantilism tree.

  • Shares placement restrictions with other Farmhouses
  • Crafting Resources: 800 Wood, 600 Thatch, 320 Fiber, 280 Metal, 100 Hide

New Structure: Quarry
The Quarry is a farm that only gathers Stone, Crystal, Salt, and Flint. It can be crafted at the Smithy after learning the Advanced Automation skill in the Construction & Mercantilism tree.

  • Shares placement restrictions with other Farmhouses
  • Crafting Resources: 800 Wood, 600 Thatch, 320 Fiber, 280 Metal, 100 Hide

New Shop: Seed Vendor
A new vendor has arrived! The Seed Vendor can be found in Freeports and provides all the seeds required for your farming needs.

  • Coffee Seeds: 20 Gold for 5 Seeds
  • All other Seeds: 10 Gold for 5 Seeds

New Drink: Coffee
Coffee can be brewed at either the Cooking Pot or Grill after learning the Intermediate Recipes skill in the Cooking & Farming tree. After drinking, pirates are given a new buff, Caffeinated, which reduces incoming torpor damage.

  • Incoming torpor damage reduced by 15%
  • Buff lasts for 10 minutes
  • Ingredients: 1 Water, 30 Coffee Beans

New Vegetable: Coffee Bean
Since Coffee Beans are not native to the Atlas, they can only be grown from seeds. Pirates who prefer adventuring over sleep will always want to keep Coffee Beans on hand!

New Seed: Coffee Seed
Coffee Seeds can only be purchased from the Seed Vendor. They are required for growing Coffee Beans.

  • Can be planted in Tropical, Temperate, and Equatorial environments

New Tame: Dolphin
Dolphins can be tamed passively by hand feeding them meat. In particular, they enjoy fresh Squid Tentacles, Fish Meat, and Crustacean Meat. By grabbing hold of their dorsal fin, pathfinders can ride them as they speed and jump through the ocean.

  • Favorite Food: Squid Tentacles
  • Taming Style: Passive
  • Saddle: None
  • Primary Attack: Bite
  • Secondary Ability: Jump
    • Gives nearby pathfinders the Dolphin Intellect buff
    • Increases intelligence stat for 10 minutes

New Meat: Squid Tentacle
Squid Tentacles are a new type of meat that can be obtained by defeating Squids. They can be eaten raw and don't spoil. Instead, they dry out over time and remain safe to eat!

Dried Squid Tentacles will soon have a special use, so you may want to start collecting them now!


  • Players can no longer stand while entrapped by a Bola
  • Duration of player Bola entrapment reduced from 5.5 to 2.5 seconds
  • After recovering from entrapment, players cannot be entrapped by a Bola for 10 seconds


  • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2x to 1.5x
  • Bug Fix: Critical Strike can no longer be used with weapons other than the Sword

Explosive Barrels

  • Cannons, Large Cannons, Swivels Guns, and Ballistas are now immune to AOE damage from Explosive Barrels
    • NOTE: These weapons can still be damaged by a direct hit from an Explosive Barrel fired from a Catapult
  • Explosive Barrel damage to players and creatures greatly reduced
    • Deals 120 damage to pathfinders
    • Deals 135 damage to creatures

Farmhouse Variants

  • All farmhouse variants are undergoing iteration in preparation for adding Blueprints
    • Stats changed and inventories wiped at restart
    • You can cheat spawn high quality variants with better stats (bigger inventory and faster gathering)
  • Base Inventory Size has been increased from 8k to 10k
  • Base Inventory Slots have been increased
  • Decay time changed to 10 days
  • Gather Rates have temporarily been normalized at a lower rate across all types
    • Quality Blueprints with stats will increase this in a future patch.

Ramming Galley

  • Increased number of additional structures that can be placed on the ship from 8 to 40
  • While turning, only one side of rowers will row, increasing the Ramming Galley's turn speed when rowers are active
  • The leak rate of damaged ship components now increases as the component's health decreases
    • Leaking begins at 25% health and the leak rate increases until the component reaches 0 health
    • The maximum leak rate has not changed
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the prompt for opening the command wheel would appear on parts of the ship after they had already been demolished


  • Added the option to purchase ship levels 56-60 at a rate of 75 Gold per 1,000 XP
    • Levels can be purchased when viewing the ship's stat menu
    • NOTE: Ships can still reach max level by earning XP normally
  • Ship Gold cost now scales with ship quality
  • Minimum price is used for ships constructed at 100% durability Shipyards and maximum price is used for ships constructed at 225% durability Shipyards
  • Price Ranges
    • Schooner: 5,000 to 10,000 Gold
    • Brigantine: 18,000 to 36,000 Gold
    • Galleon: 50,000 to 100,000 Gold


  • Torpor damage from Horse's rear kick attack reduced by 40%
  • Rabbits can now equip hats
  • Bears and Rabbits now only receive 10% of the stat bonus from equipped hats


  • Increased Grill ship structure weight from 1 kg to 12 kg
  • Wood Doors, Wood Pillars, Wood Staircases, Wood Fence Supports, and Wood Ladders can now be crafted at the Smithy
  • Winter Event items are no longer craftable at the Smithy or purchasable from the Cosmetic Vendor
  • Fixed some cases where Trade Routes get reset or modified
  • Bug Fix: Fence Supports can no longer be placed without a connection to the ground
    • NOTE: Any floating Fence Supports placed prior to the patch will be destroyed
  • Some Crashes Fixed

Known Issues

  • Levels 46-50 can be purchased on ships with a level cap of 50
  • Trade Route Range was increased between patches to include nearby servers. These farther routes are getting reset on server restarts and may be having other issues.
  • Riding a Dolphin at or near the surface will occasionally cause it to die
  • Tamed Dolphins may no longer be able to jump after crossing grids
  • Farm Variants have floating fires near them


     :anchor: Final Note :anchor:

Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. 

As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! 🙂



Happy Sailing,

- ATLAS Crew

:skull: For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information :skull:

Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas
Hear ye, hear ye on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/sailtheatlas
Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas
Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame

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Can new/solo players realistically purchase a ship at 10k or even 5k?  

There are less people fighting at sea when it costs so much for ships.. 

it’s not like everyone can have a warehouse and a market to connect it too since they are limited....





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Made this post a bit a go but no one seemed keen on it. Just want devs to give a read and see if any thing tickles their fancy. 


So as a firearms enthusiast and historic arms guy I was thinking the other day about how good of an opportunity grapeshot have with giving us all the awesome kit and kaboodle that Pirates had.

So to start things off I’ll cover melee weapons, though in general I think that weapon skins would be awesome.

- boarding axe, a one handed axe for the boarding party type of occasions, could do increased damage to ship structures.

-rapier, basically the same as the cutlass we have in game but could focus on stabbing motions over slashing attacks for better armor penetration.

Second up firearms. I think the biggest opportunity is here seeing as how pirates love their guns

-duck foot pistol, was honestly surprised that this one isn’t In the game already. Has three-five barrels set on a horizontal axis that fires a scattered shot similar to a shotgun but instead of a cone it fired on a flat horizontal plane. 

-hand blunderbuss, pretty simple. It’s a blunderbuss that’s in a small pistol configuration.

-hand mortar, the ye olden grenade launcher of a sorts. Fires a explosive projectile in an arc much like a mortar, main use back in the day was to launch fireworks butsome were used to fire small explosive shells.

-turret rifle, the anti material rifle of muskets. Made to be mounted on walls and fire an egregiously large bullet at some poor soul hiding behind a shield. Could be used mounted or Shouldered but I imagine the user would be injured from such an attempt.

-hydra rifle, the hydra pistol we currently have is what’s known as a revolving pepper box, the original concept for pepperboxes was a cluster of stationary barrels that could be fired one after the other. Either setup would be lovely to have in a rifle length weapon.

lastly with the guns let’s talk about the carbine, carbines in general are supposed to be fairly short when compared to a full sized rifle and mainly saw use with infantry. IMO I would say remove the zoom, speed up reload, shorten the in game model, and cut the damage a bit. The last item on the list will handle said “nerf”

-arquebes. Basically a long(physically and purpose) rifle made to shoot great distances. It could fill the roll of the pre nerfed carbine.

the only weapon I could think of for siege weapons 

- ballista, the ballista we currently have in the game is what’s commonly referred to as a scorpion ballista. I suggest adding a normal ballista that basically functions like a mortar, it fires large round stone balls thathistorically were sometimes filled with burning pitch or primitive explosives.

these are my thoughts on gear that could be added to the game for the purpose of giving players more variety when engaging each other. Any and all feedback is welcome. All I ask is that it is kept clean and constructive so maybe the devs will read it.

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do something about the warehouses you added the gold coast becuase you added them but there limited to like 4 an island

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Wow, talk about killing the game for smaller companies more.  Join a large company or you'll never see a decent ship again.  Sorry for your luck

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11 minutes ago, Cito said:

Can new/solo players realistically purchase a ship at 10k or even 5k?  

There are less people fighting at sea when it costs so much for ships.. 

it’s not like everyone can have a warehouse and a market to connect it too since they are limited....





Dont think gold is an issue when companies can afford to attack islands with 18 drakes (50k each) at once

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Updated the server and my game, and there's no new seed vendor in the Freeport.

EDIT: Turns out there is one on the other Freeport island in the same region, just not on the primary island.


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2 hours ago, Robin said:

Dont think gold is an issue when companies can afford to attack islands with 18 drakes (50k each) at once

For new people it is especially smaller tribes I just built a shipyard  so I could build something bigger then a sloop I need 5k gold along with resources where am I getting the gold had to sell around to find a decent spot an haven’t unlocked markets so don’t know if I can place it yet  how do u accept people to even get to sailing when you are stuck on a sloop farming for weeks on small treasure maps it’s ridiculous the price ranges are ridiculous why would I waste all this gold on a ship islands cost that much as well to buy from someone in Pve it ruins the game

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The time to kill with carbine headshots on someone with 300 hp, grogged up and in plate was almost one minute! And you guys thought thats to fast lets nerf it further? With this its 10 carbine headshots to kill someone... 

While the bullshit cheese mechanics thats plaguing the pvp servers is no where to be seen in the patch notes.

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All Uniffical Dedicated Servers are not showing up on the list at all all i get is No Sessions Found. Any reason for that?

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Am i right for 100k XP on a ship you need only 7500 gold? (considering level 60 is maybe about 100k XP -> am not sure about this but lvl 52 was about 70k if i remember correctly?)

This is pretty cheap considering the costs for a galleon and the time you need to level it up to max - building it 1x common and then upgrade it to blue print parts.


Well at least devs are working on the game but i read nothing that could bring me back to play Atlas again right now.


Dolphin: great but no need for sloop blue print planks? At least you have more time for crafting as you don't loose the 5-10 minutes for sailing out and back to 100% distance. Diving will be tugh without running out of air as a pirate holding your breath^^ Dolphins can't be stored on a ship... they do expire when zoning... they can die when getting to the surface... remembers me on that day when i tried hooking a chest but hit a jumping Dolphin that shot me like a catapult 4000 meters away from my ship 😉 Well it was new and i forgot placing a bed on it so i had to travel to golden age 3 grids with a second ship to place bed and bring back both of them. 5 hours of time but lukily not sunk by SotD.


Ship costs for my opinion still far too high. Players should at least build shooners for free if gold is meant to decrease the ship amount. Maybe Brigs and Galleons were to cheap in the past for the server capacity. Well reducing the allowed amount just leads to second accounts with a second tribe to store the ships so it does not work on PvP.(but hey, more money for more sold games)

If the story about the Dragons is correct there should be some worse balancing on the gold and trade routes if it is not based on a unknown exploit/duping etc. This tribes should have same ship ammount like other seasons before... so balance for small tribes and new players is even more worse than ever.


Farmhouses: Why not make 1 Farmhouse with an interface where you can choose gatter percentage and make it working 1 per company per island. Players have sliders to adjust the gattering. You can choose if berrys you need 0% and maybe 25% thatch 10% fiber 30% wood etc... and remove restriction of placing distance.(necessary for PVE servers) THe farmhouse collects all resources that are on a island no matter where it is placed(on the ground level max. 100m high for example)

Idea of blue prints farm houses with increased storage and gatter rate(shown in interface) is working well with only 1 per island. This will also make it more easy to combine it to the warehouse. You do not need the radius around it to connect, you just need a circle that includes the island. This circle can ask 1 farm house allowed y/n for this company in this circle and also same for warehouse.(connection issues solved and more Players get access to it) Of course it can be abused on PvP with second accounts to get more farmhouses to work on one island... but to be honest players should not abuse such solutions and there are ways to counter such trials.


Coffee will be the needed item for every land combat. Not bad. Maybe that's enough your enemy dies from running out of stamina while shield bashing you 😉

Horse stun nerfed may make other animals of more use now if they could catch up to a horse. horses will mostlikely just run away and hide in the water for 5 miuntes diving to attack the next position. Good luck hunting with a lion or a crab to catch the rider with some luck.

Bola stun well i didn't realy care about land combat. The trick of dodging attackes 100% while being bolaed may now not work anymore as you can't stand anymore.(Devs noticed that exploit dodge move which requires a little skill at least)

ranged weapons damage is really low and most PvP combat is based on closed combat(stun)  as others mentioned already. Maybe the plate armor should not work vs fired bullets?(did not in reality at least) Does this effect also ranged waepon damage on creatures like Yetis(little ice dungeon bosses)? most players never used BP firearms other than in the ice dungeon. The costs are far to high for a raid to lose it.

Nerved barrel damage is necessary as long barrels can be trown. But now it gets difficult to counter enemy horses with barrels. No suicide runs with lucky placed barrel due to timer. So you can only catch good horses with flame swivel. Horses will still dominate land combat due to swivel and speed. Even less torpor and coffee can allow players to have more chance to fight them...(if in range) to bola or hook the rider is still very difficult and good luck closing up to a cannon horse with two players that only stand for shooting when they are safe. This is the worst Atlas expirience hunting horses on a open island. Well you don't glitch off the cannon anymore due to fence spam and collision(Better for the attacker). But of course you have to spam every shit on your island that enemy horses can't move freely. Maybe puckles do work now much better as you can place them manned(much less time needed) so every settled island gets spammed with 1000 of puckles. Well sometimes horses run that fast that puckles do not shoot. Or the option you set the puckles are wrong choosen if not set on target all.

Remains the old issue of structure and puckle+NPC spam to protect your islands from intruders if you are nor the one Mega Tribe with unbeatable amount of players that are always online. Well some like this expirience and consider this to be their loved hardcore survival combat expirience. I hated the permanent thinking about what if we get attacked... all the "useless" defence building that can be destroyed 20x faster than you farm and build it. And of course the never safe ships... just one cannon horse destroying one plank when anchored....  in my opinion the claimed island system is not hat bad but the combat time was too long for me.

I would like to have a permanent peacetime on your structures and green anchored ships until an enemy places a war token on your tribe with 24h in front. That would make land combats and large raids more predictable and fair for the defenders. The Attackers have to consider the allies of the defender. This would not be an issue for see fights and ships would be more safe when anchored. I think this game should move away from the toxic destroying to more interaction between the enemys. But this is a thing that players minds have to do in a free environment. Well a fix rule roleplay would be to harsh for everybody but some kind between the current red is dead and a total roleplay would be more enjoyable. Why not ask an enemy if the have time for a fight? This happened to me only once and it was a great 2:2 brig combat that lasted nearly 1,5h with only one sunk ship but many fun and great sailing and moves. Because for me this game is about sea fights. And this is not 20 ships vs 1 with a harpune gally holding in place the enemy.


Also glider nerf is good for the game regarding safe places to build(PvP). But why not just changing the islands and cut off the high mountains.(Max 200/250meters) Also restrict players max structure building height? Than there is no need to nerf the glider. You can still use the glider on your island but you will never reach an other island with glider.... neither crossing th border. I watch some spain streamer and he alawys blackscreened after the glider start to hide using some exploit to increase the flying distance after he jumps off. When he reaches the island in the other grid he turns on the lights again.... obvious [...]

Bases build on mountains safe from cannon tames are good but not needed up in the sky...(you can still get in with grenades besides the puckle spam) climbing your ladders 4-5 minutes or placing 5-6 elevators in a row to get tames up... This is just worse island design. Islands need to have a sequre bay that you can use as a harbor with decent water depths for galleons close the the beach. If green anchored ships are secure for most of the time players don't need insane harbor structures.

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We have issues with the Farms not being visible to the unofficial map owners on Xbox, is there plans to fix this? 

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11 hours ago, stevenk said:

All Uniffical Dedicated Servers are not showing up on the list at all all i get is No Sessions Found. Any reason for that?

We had to update our server for it to show up. It seems if your game client is updated, it wont show you servers that are not updated to the same version. I don't like the idea of forced updates without the chance to test them first. Should be like Minecraft where we can choose to use what version we have, and match the server version. Although I guess I have to recognize that for a game in development that isn't really productive for the development team.

Steam forces the game to update, so if you updated, you'll have to play on a server that's updated.

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7 hours ago, Nacona said:

Also glider nerf is good for the game regarding safe places to build(PvP).

What?! No its not...

The glider nerf is the 2nd worst thing this group of devs has done. 

Cap the terrain? Reduce the build limit? You do not understand what a sandbox is supposed to be do you? I bet you'd support factions too. Perhaps you'd prefer a theme park MMO.

Also, the current claim system is absolute trash. It caters to big companies at the expense of smaller groups. Absolutely terrible design.

@Devs - Put the glider back. Dumbest god damn thing I've seen since the barrels came back. But you fixed them, I expect you to fix this too.

...fucking dolphins....I didn't need a damn dolphin when I could make a schooner whenever I needed one. 

Cant sail, too expensive

Cant fly, nerfed to hell

No point in taming, I can steal from someone's farm.

No BPs to craft.

No land to even claim if I wanted to, megas holding multiples and all.

No point in building, anything on land will be shredded as mentioned by oh, EVERYONE!


@devs - What is it you are leaving us to do in this game? I loved what you were doing at first, but since then its going to shit. The way I see it you are taking away everything interesting there was to do in Atlas. I feel like I increasingly have only 3 options;

1. STFU and join a big group bc that's all that is considered when making changes.

2. Stay solo/small, enjoy whatever island you made your home region, don't expect to see any endgame and then STFU. The big guys will be along soon to enforce option 1 or 3.

3. Move along, this game isn't for solo/small groups. Be borg, bend the knee or be gone.



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i think factions actually would be a great idea . so if you had 4 factions and you would be mark by a stream flag off the top of your sails green blue red and black. every faction would have there own starting free port and the lawless zone can only be built in by there faction, forced friendlies. now the fourth faction is special it will be the priate faction there lawless zone will be how they are now same with there big companies total war, limited island claim to one per company and your ranking is base on control point aka the sea forts.

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key note other faction can go raiding in other faction lawless zone, so ghost ships in that zone could be faction base defenders



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Gold cost on ships is ruining the fun. The fights have been trash all season since nobody wants to lose 18k-to now 100k. I am in a company and yes we can afford it but realize there are many that can’t.  We sail for a fleet fight and then everyone just dips out and runs away. We end up chasing for a few hours and all go home. This is getting incredibly boring and while I liked the idea of a cost on ships it is actually taking away the fun more than anything else. 
i do love the cost aspect but for the health of the game it needs to be changed. My suggestion is put a operational cost to shipyards themselves. For example  
small shipyard-500g a day, large shipyards 1000g a day. And tier it up by shipyard quality. 
this would solve the issue of shipyard spam as well as getting players on the ocean including small companies which shouldn’t be deterred from ship content. 

land ownership does cater to the bigger companies and it should since we tend to have more boats and require more space. A small company easily attaining land would just lose it anyways. 

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All they need is a pricing system that allows you to build them at a fraction of the cost of buying them ready made from a vendor. Which is how it would be in a real environment anyway. Some people will still like the convenience of buying a ship ready made, whereas others will prefer to build one. You wouldn't pay top price for a car and have it delivered in bits. No one buys a kit house for the same price as a ready built. It's so obvious I dunno why they haven't done it.

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they also could have rent house in the freeport that aloud one ship to be safely stored  fro companies under like 5 or less ppl in the house/room you can place cafting tables give the small solos something

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for all you folks that dont know... here's a small guide not to be a complete scrub. can even be done as a lawless solo player.
Gold is easy to get when you know what to do.
-first start by building a market on a coast. set up a warehouse next to it. then, put between 3-5 farmhouses or specialty resource gathering structures around said warehouse, making sure they're all connected to the warehouse. remember other companies farmhouses, warehouses and markets can block you from building yours. destroy them. now, start setting up trades with your neighbors. doing this you can make between 5-10k a day with just one market. the more markets the more passive income but that also means more territory to maintain. 
-now that you have enough to buy a ship in just a day, save that gold to craft an armored shipyard so you can at least keep your ship while away from game. (youll thank me later) also, you can store your gold in the shipyard and not many people are going to spend the time and cannon balls it would take to destroy it and take your gold.
-now that you have your shipyard and ship, its time to make real money. head to sea. look for the trade controle node islands. head to it. scan the island and look for the tax bank. destroy it and pick up the bag. it will contain all the taxes from all the trades that go on within its territory. depending on when the island owner last picked up the gold, the bag could be between 10k-200k.

BOOM. you now have the knowledge not to be a complete noob. get out there, sailor. 

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@Chucksteak Please do not quote only a part of my thougts. I mentioned that the nerf is good in regards to the current state that you can glide cross grids and that you can glide from one island to another. That is why I suggested to reduce the total height of the islands as the most mountains are just stupid and cause the "exploit" using of the glider as mentioned. So if reduce the height of the islands and allow players may only to build up 100 parts on top of each other there would be limits that allow you to glide on a island or to nearby enemy ships on the sea but don't allow you to glide to other islands in the most cases and especially not out of the grid. -> Issue solved and no nerf needed.

In all your other points I agree to your opinion.

@Whitehawk i don't think fractions are the good solution. This game lives from lots of different self build fractions and the theoretical freedom to go everywhere and build everywhere. You can just wipe others to gain control of areas you like to(if you can). My biggest concern is actually that all players think that they need to be pirates that think PvP is always red = dead. The trailer showed us you can use skins to play as "marine" troops for example. But this would be roleplay that most players will not stick too. You could make a player build fraction royale marine that plays like the police. But you would have to do this job very carefully like in the real world. And there is no law others could respect this(on official PvP server). Also nobody ever uses skins than just for fun.

I remember captain Delic who actually build a police station and a police station and played as police officer who actually helped new players as well hunting pirates with his vessel. But that was also fun and meanwhile he was a leader of one of the largest Mega frcation on EU PvP server. So his actions were not respected by many players xD

Like you name yourself trading company on PvP but your actual purpose is to go everyday with a cannon horse on islands to destroy others builds. We can talk about so many things but the players will not change.

PvP -> Red = dead

PvE -> missing lots of game content and still toxic as hell(even this is most likely only the small part of the players - like you have real interaction and companys like Sturmberg for example that really do create content for and with other PVE players.

So the devs are limited in the claiming system and things like offline protection and ship protection. If they add to much the players may don't have any freedom left. But if you play on lawless you have no protection at all and the claimed islands have mentioned issues while they are actually also good for companys. This game is not like Ark for solos. You have to be in tribes of at least 5-10 active players to make all content and protect stuff.(on PvP) I myself spend at least 200 of my 2000 hours played diving placing stone structures in the sea to defend my harbors and ships. I spend 300-400 hours collecting or buying NPC and place them to puckles and cannons and still i got wiped off islands 3 times in one season until the 4th settlement finaly worked and lasted  to the end of the season.

In the end you have to consider it is still a game that shall make fun playing it in the evening for some hours after work. And you should not be afraid to go sleep. And I guess there are lots of players out there who have the fear of loosing everything during the night, during the day... and for myself it was not good for my RL health. If you spend more than one month with about 10 players to fight for an island, settle it, protect and defend it, building the defences, taming and breeding what you need, farm daily, make the journeys to collect resources for mystic ships parts, hunting the blue prints, paying the horendus costs for the NPCs(now reduced) it was all so much work until you got ready to fight on the seas and you could loose all this progress in literaly 1 evening of combat time. Just one player can shoot some cannonballs on your anchored ships and they will all sink. If you play with Xbox players you even need to reduce your structures that they can actually move in your small harbor with 15-20 seconds lags. But hey they are lucky if the game does not crash and they are more lucky when their PC mate take 30 seconds to get the ship out on the seas and also later back in the "safe" harbor. Remember the days where tribes had one main island and one Xbobs island?


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28 minutes ago, Enki Anunnaki said:

 the bag could be between 10k-200k.

BOOM. you now have the knowledge not to be a complete noob. get out there, sailor. 

Well if this is really that easy and everbody can do this? When i last played(April 2020) i was only able to connect max 3 farmhouses even i could place more in the warehouse range. On PvE there seams to be no place for everyone to have his own island. And you can't destroy enemy farms. On PvP of course you can if not protected but yours are not protected too. The gold income of the trade has to be much increased than first release. There was some post mentioning that it was only few 100 gold a day. Sounds like the islands protection towers are not worse the money to build them? Do you destroy them with a sloop? or just go there with a cannon tame?

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