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Captain Dingbat

Any updates/solutions for the constant disconnects?

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I have a dedicated server that we run here on a separate PC from where we play. It's running all fine and we have multiple players from around the world.
But, us that live here, and play within the network cannot stay connected more than 5-10 minutes at a time. We all get the dreaded "Lost/Timedout connection to host" repeatedly.

I've googled and googled for hours and only came up with "turn your graphics down" which doesn't seem to help us.

Here's the thing: It only happens when we connect to the external IP address the game uses. We can play fine without disconnects when we use the server's internal network IP. All other players outside of our network do not have this problem. They can connect and play with the external address.

Normally, I'd just tolerate it, but the problem is, when we sail to another region, then BAM. We get disconnected regularly. (every 5-10 minutes.). I believe this is because while we can force the game to connect to our Freeport region with the internal address, all of the regions are set to use the external address so when we sail out of Freeport, it actually connects via the external IP. 

I was wondering if there's anything in the config files that I could change to adjust time out tolerance or something, but didn't find anything.

I don't know how to fix this. 😕 We've tried using a gaming VPN too, and no luck.

There seems to be so many people having this issue, and no good answers. It took me like 2 weeks of troubleshooting to get my server running, I want to be able to enjoy it 😞

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