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Can't move NPC crew to dinghy?

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I hired my first few NPC crew members last night at a freeport. I'd parked my brig a ways out from the port and rowed my dinghy up to the dock. When I opened up the radial menu on the npcs I'd hired, the option 'Move to boat (Dinghy)' was gray and unselectable. After a lot of getting into the boat and out of the boat and raising and lowering the anchor and standing on my head and crossing my eyes, I finally just put them on follow and made them swim after my rowboat. If they made it to the ship without getting eaten, they got to be part of my crew. Once I'd gotten them to the side of the brig, the option to Move to ship worked, teleporting them up to the main deck of my brig. So, I guess my question is...

How the heck do I get npc crew members to get in a rowboat?

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There is a second option to put thing in a rowing seat; if you do that they'll sit in it. No, i do not know why its a separate action but it works!

Edit: i know this is a old question but the problem popped up on console and i wanted to supply a responce for any other console players who experienced this issue and googled why.

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