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Thoughts on player kit(gear suggestion)

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So as a firearms enthusiast and historic arms guy I was thinking the other day about how good of an opportunity grapeshot have with giving us all the awesome kit and kaboodle that Pirates had.

So to start things off I’ll cover melee weapons, though in general I think that weapon skins would be awesome.

- boarding axe, a one handed axe for the boarding party type of occasions, could do increased damage to ship structures.

-rapier, basically the same as the cutlass we have in game but could focus on stabbing motions over slashing attacks for better armor penetration.

Second up firearms. I think the biggest opportunity is here seeing as how pirates love their guns

-duck foot pistol, was honestly surprised that this one isn’t In the game already. Has three-five barrels set on a horizontal axis that fires a scattered shot similar to a shotgun but instead of a cone it fired on a flat horizontal plane. 

-hand blunderbuss, pretty simple. It’s a blunderbuss that’s in a small pistol configuration.

-hand mortar, the ye olden grenade launcher of a sorts. Fires a explosive projectile in an arc much like a mortar, main use back in the day was to launch fireworks but some were used to fire small explosive shells.

-turret rifle, the anti material rifle of muskets. Made to be mounted on walls and fire an egregiously large bullet at some poor soul hiding behind a shield. Could be used mounted or Shouldered but I imagine the user would be injured from such an attempt.

-hydra rifle, the hydra pistol we currently have is what’s known as a revolving pepper box, the original concept for pepperboxes was a cluster of stationary barrels that could be fired one after the other. Either setup would be lovely to have in a rifle length weapon.

lastly with the guns let’s talk about the carbine, carbines in general are supposed to be fairly short when compared to a full sized rifle and mainly saw use with infantry. IMO I would say remove the zoom, speed up reload, shorten the in game model, and cut the damage a bit. The last item on the list will handle said “nerf”

-arquebes. Basically a long(physically and purpose) rifle made to shoot great distances. It could fill the roll of the pre nerfed carbine.

the only weapon I could think of for siege weapons 

- ballista, the ballista we currently have in the game is what’s commonly referred to as a scorpion ballista. I suggest adding a normal ballista that basically functions like a mortar, it fires large round stone balls that historically were sometimes filled with burning pitch or primitive explosives.

these are my thoughts on gear that could be added to the game for the purpose of giving players more variety when engaging each other. Any and all feedback is welcome. All I ask is that it is kept clean and constructive so maybe the devs will read it. @Jat

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Just thought of another neat idea. What about weapon displays? Maybe a nice single display for long weapons that could hang on the wall and smaller displays for pistols. Or even long armory racks that fit guns side by side.

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