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I have a dream!(is it possible?)

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When Atlas released I had a dream, and it did not come to be. With these new updates though my dream has survived. 
I have a dream, that I can claim a small cluster of relatively flat islands and knock down most of the trees and brush, disintegrate every boulder from my way until i have flat lands upon which I(and my crew) will build a large network of 3 story apartment buildings, with roads, amenities, clean running water, a town center with a dining hall, a courthouse and jail, perhaps a pub or two, and even a few shops. Then In my dream, we build some moderately formidable defenses, enough to make the fresh beach bobs think "Wow, I feel safe here". Then, I will open my real estate business to the world, taking in any person wishing to have a place to call home, where they can have their own locked doors and containers, their own crafting stations within their homes, etc. This could be for the true noobs or the people just needing a home base so they can get out on the high seas without the hassle of finding and fighting for a place to call home....
All for a small but fair amount of gold for rent..
I have a dream, that my small nation-state would inspire others to harness the real estate mogul within them and create their own little nation-state, with their own little citizens/peasants, so as to create a healthy competition for who has the best quality of life for the best price. I have a dream, that one day I would no longer be needed for my nation-state had grown beyond what it was, and would begin its new life as a democratic republic by holding its first election, after which I would hand the reigns over and(hopefully) be able to watch it prosper and become a reflection of the voice of its citizens(whatever that may be), the choice of its citizens.. 
I have a dream of truly colonizing atlas. 
Is this plausible yet or where are we at with all these updates?(ive been out of the loop. lol)

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"I have a dream!(is it possible?)"

14 hours ago, mgsgta3 said:

my crew...

best quality of life ...

I have a dream....

ive been out of the loop. lol

OK good luck

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