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Market UI - Development Needs and Wish List

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     The Market needs an ability to search commodity offerings in the area based on rate.

     1. For example if I'm willing to pay 2 wetwood per darkwood the Market should list all offerings that meet or beat that criteria.

     2. Also if I'm not offering enough per a darkwood I need to be able to see rates listed and either raise my offer or make a counter-offer

     3. Mail or message system to facilitate negotiations

     4. Also, many agree, the list of tradeable goods needs to be expanded eventually.

                      Fruit, veggies, seeds, raw meats, cooked meals, alcohols

                      Gold for commodity


                      Armor, weapons, ammo, BPs, Maps

                      Ship parts, building parts of varying quality


     You guys are smart maybe this is already on the table ,and if so, hopefully this aids the checklist. If anyone has anything to add please do so. Also if you disagree state with what and why. If this list is on point please like it or place a *bump* comment



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