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Allow players to make shipments for gold.

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They go to a freeport or a player market place and presses E. they can then accept a shipment from the market that will take them from point A to point B or to include the checkpoints you can require they pass by the control points. A inventory item is added to the player. they take it to their ship and add it to the crate holder on the ship. this box is not accessible by anyone. if the shipment fails due to a player logging off or gets sunk or whatever results in the box being lost. the transaction is simply cancelled. and goes back to the virtual cue. to be delivered anyway. upon successful delivery, a small amount of exp and a nice sum of gold is rewarded depending on how many grids had to be crossed to do the task.  the ship delivering the goods should contain an icon or have a different color name to indicate to others that a shipment is taking place. This way pvp can have fun too! you can get the gold that would have been rewarded  if you sink the shipment. Or they can continue the shipment for the full payment....

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