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Patch V515.17 - Armored Docks, Trade System and Barrel Updates

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27 minutes ago, Chucksteak said:

I can surround your boat with pillars right now, hundreds and hundreds for free with 1 account. Make it a pain in the ass/impossible to even move. That's happened to me 0 times. 

Pillars have no collision with boats. The other day we had a brig in lawless doing a treasure map, we were off the boat for 5 minutes and when we came back some chinese guy was trying to build shipyards around the boat. 

30 minutes ago, Chucksteak said:

How much time and resources would you spend to grief 1 single person? I feel like I represent a majority of players and I wouldnt even consider it.

I would not spend 5 seconds but i know of more then one lawless lowlife that would... 

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On 11/25/2020 at 4:17 AM, Chucksteak said:

WTF are you talking about? Read it again. Your boat becomes anchored, nothing was said about parking. In my statement, your immune vessel cannot deal or receive dmg, so you would do nothing to me. We would get along splendidly. While I'm offline, you can still attack my land base, but at least I can still play the game when I get back.

Anchored seems awfully close to parking.


Is vessels the only thing that do a thing to you?

Yeah im sure we get along... oh yeah wait i remember, you're the one that likes to just rebuild things.

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Like @Xantria said, i like your idea in general.

      Perhaps the gold cost aspect COULD help but then we get a grind vs reward dilemma also. Her and @eeeceee are also correct in stating that players would use them as a FOBs to launch endless waves of landbased attacks (unless a mechanism was introduced to prevent this) Theoretically a Mega could park half a dozen of these FOBs around tons of islands (alt account dilemma) and pillage endlessly simply using a 2nd ship to resupply and fast travel to zip around. If simply implemented EXACTLY as you've stated it WOULD lead to island wastelands, unless its "reworked" some more as i stated.

      I think the idea being proposed by the devs of some type of armored shipyard w an upkeep cost MAY be the best solution (aside from the one I'm keeping to myself for now). Even that needs some tweaking i think based on some other posts I've read. Also, they may create a similar FOB problem, unless theres some rules regarding them I'm unaware of (doing PvE this season to learn the trade system and adjust to the sticker shock of ship prices). Someone stated the current ones take ~850 cannonballs EACH to destroy. Then youve got the ship to sink also, unless its destroyed when the dock goes down, i dunno, does it? Can they be placed anywhere or does it have a requirement to be near the flag?... Also, anyone know the preplaced weight? Can multiple ones be carried around and placed wherever the defences are lacking?

     Also some people have proposed allowing 1 vessel to be uploaded into the "cloud". This is also a possible solution but needs to be implemented correctly or some poor raiders will find Gallys unexpectedly raining down on them 🤣. Also it presents a possible intelligence gathering dilemma for raiders, specifically, how do they choose a target if they don't know the approximate strength of their adversary?

Sidenote @Chucksteak dunno if you noticed but i cited your general ideas regarding the upcoming claim system.

Have a good turkey day

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