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pvp NytDragon Winter Fury PvP 5x5

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NytDragon Fury PvP 5x5

Come join the official PvP server behind the development of the most popular Atlas mods (including Architect, Beastmaster and Shipwright), where we work toward improving the Atlas PvP experience, without P2W or shops with everything to shortcut gameplay.  Server settings and mods improve the QoL, while providing the full content gameplay that Atlas has to offer without over boosting, which shortens progression and gameplay... leaving players bored.

Professionaly hosted and managed on a high-end dedicated server at one of the top datacenters (not at home and subject to power outages and other issues that cause downtime) with excellent DDoS mitigation.  

Server Settings:

  • Max Player Level = 150
  • Player XP Gain = 5x
  • Harvest = 5x Official (technically 10x)
  • Taming = 10x
  • Breeding = 10x
  • Max Ship Level = 100
  • Ship XP Gain = 5x
  • Faster Ship Reverse = 2-3 knots
  • Max Company Size = 6 Members
  • 2 Alliances with 3 Companies
  • Max Wild Creature Level = 60
  • ALL Tames Gain XP
  • 4 Hours Combat Phase
  • All PvE Content
  • NO Barrel Meta:
    - Explosive Barrels can NOT be Used as Ammo
    - Explosive Barrels can NOT be Carried and used for Glider Bombing
  • NEW Merchant at Freeports with Random Buy/Sell Orders


  • ATLAS Architect
  • ATLAS Beastmaster (no quality armor saddles)
  • ATLAS Harvester (10k stacks at 10% weight)
  • ATLAS Overseer
  • ATLAS Pirate
  • ATLAS Shipwright
  • Battlestations
  • Farsight
  • Regenerating Ships
  • Transfer Gun

All info and rules provided in-game (F11) and our discord.

Be a part of this evolutionary journey spearheading development of new structures and gameplay features for unofficial servers.


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Added NEW Farmhouse POIs with random guardians to the islands in Pandora (C3)!

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