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Warehouses not collecting wood

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My warehouses are not collecting wood from my farms. My farms and warehouses are all running   off of coal, coal being my fuel of choice, and yes the coal is slotted in the fuel section. With 5 farms connected to the warehouse it is still not gathering the wood from them.

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            Things we have tried:

  emptied farms and the warehouse then started farms with coal in fuel slots  then started ware house

  put all the fuel types in inventory of warehouse and farms 

  start warehouse collecting first then turn on farms

  put each type of fuel in fuel box

  destroy warehouse and replace new warehouse 

  Turn farms and warehouse  on and off several times 

  placed stacks of each kind of wood normally gathered along with thatch in ware house

        Things we are gonna try:

  Turn off ware house and let farms fill with resources before turning warehouse on

 replace farms with new ones


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