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pvp Lost Haven 9x9 Map/Boosted PVE & PVP

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Lost Haven 9x9 Map/Boosted  is the name of the server.  We are a friendly community welcoming new and old players.  It's a 9x9 map, 81 grids total.  Grids A thru F (54) are PVE and grids G thru I (27) are PVP.  Very boosted harvesting rates and taming/breeding.  Mods currently running are:  Beastmaster, Ecos Decor Cont., Figuireheads & Ship Essentials, Custom Item Stacks (lowers weight of resources as well).  I'm hosting all of the servers on a private server racks located in my house so no fear the server will be shut down for not keeping up with a rental.  Ping is very low and I don't believe in wipes.  We have gobal chat across all of the servers, just need to use the "Global" tab.  It links to our discord channel as well.  Shoot me a message on discord if you have any questions:  Diamond#3366

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