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ATLAS Patch v412.5

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Ahoy Pathfinders!

Today's the day! ATLAS v412.5 is here!

NOTE TO XBOX USERS: Currently, there is an issue on XBOX where Sea Forts are unable to be claimed. We have a fix coming out for this tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

:anchor: Private Servers :anchor:

Private Server owners will need to update the ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json file by adding a new entry to the database connections called new TradeDB:

      "Name": "TradeDB",
      "URL": "xxx.x.x.x",
      "Port": xxxx,
      "Password": "xxxx"

Replacing the correct url, port, and password for your redis server in the above.

It is also necessary to update to the latest ServerGridEditor here and re-export. You will also be able to add Sea Forts to the map if you wish to.

:anchor: Released patch notes :anchor:


New Feature: Sea Forts
Sea Forts are a form of Control Points that give Companies control over trading in an area. This system is foundational for the upcoming Trade System.

  • Sea Forts have automated defenses that will respawn over time when neutral
    • Players have a limited number of build points (100) to spend on a Sea Fort they own
    • Currently only Defense Towers may be built (15 pts each)
  • On PVP Servers, they may be captured and controlled!
    • To capture them, destroy the defenses and plant a flag inside the central tower
    • The flag takes 25 minutes to force an owned Fort return to neutral
    • The flag takes 10 minutes to capture on a neutral Fort
    • Sea Forts in Freeport Servers may not be captured
  • In an upcoming patch, Sea Forts will allow access through a server for Trading
    • You will be able to grant or restrict access to Allies or other Companies
    • Access to a Sea Fort is required for you to have trade routes that travel through a server!
  • Sea Forts may have a Tax Bank built on them
    • The Tax Bank can be raided for gold. Neutral points have the Tax Bank as well
    • NOTE: Until trading starts, they aren't actually earning any gold, so the Bank is empty
    • Tax Banks will allow companies to tax Trade Routes that use their Fort for access
    • Neutral Forts will have a high tax rate and allow everyone access to a server


  • Added the Ship Salesman's Island to the center of each Freeport Grid
    • NOTE: Ships are not yet available for purchase. They will be added in a future update
  • Added Sea Fort Islands to the map. 1-4 exist on every server except the center


  • Increased maximum Ship level from 52 to 60
  • Adjusted Ship XP curve to increase the amount of XP required for early levels and greatly reduce the amount of XP required for later levels
    • Overall, this change reduces the total amount of XP required to reach max level
  • Added Gold cost for crafting Ships in a Shipyard
    • Schooner: 50 Gold
    • Brigantine: 250 Gold
    • Galleon: 500 Gold
    • NOTE: These costs will increase when the trade system has been fully implemented


  • Defense Towers may be built at the Smithy
    • May only be placed at Sea Forts
    • Requires Advanced Automation Skill from the Construction Tree
  • Added Fuel Slot to Farmhouse and Warehouse
    • Dedicated slot holds up to 1,000 units of Fuel
    • This slot is separate from the main inventory
    • Burns a unit of fuel at the following intervals:
      • Oil: 350 seconds
      • Coal: 200 seconds
      • Wood: 100 seconds
      • Thatch: 40 seconds


  • Changed delay before using newly placed land artillery to 10 minutes
    • This affects Cannons, Large Cannons, Catapults, Puckles, Ballistas, Mortars, and Swivel Guns
  • Bug Fix: Cannons can no longer be fired underwater


  • Removed XP reward from all bosses including the Abominable Snowman, Kraken, Hydra, Drake, Ghost Ship, and Blackwood's Queen Cobra
  • Removed Gold drops from Kraken, Squids, Army of the Damned Soldiers, fishing, and digging. The trade system will become the way to earn gold
  • Bug Fix: Driving a Cargo Cart over a Pillar will no longer cause the rider to dismount
  • Bug Fix: If a Ceiling Tile is placed on top of a Pillar and then destroyed, any object built on the Ceiling Tile will also be destroyed

Known Issues

  • No Sea Forts in D8
  • Golden Age Sea Forts currently cannot be claimed
  • Map may flicker when zoomed
  • Sea Forts currently have Peace Time which may be removed at a later date
  • Players may spawn on Sea Forts sometimes



Happy Sailing,

- ATLAS Crew

:skull: For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information :skull:

Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas
Hear ye, hear ye on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/sailtheatlas
Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas
Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame

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Why not do what the mass of your player base wants and nerf barrels? How hard is it to understand yall made a terrible move by implementing your barrel garbage long before there is anything put in to counter it? Nerf barrels, or you wont have anyone left to play this early access game. Stop being stupid and listen to your player base!

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Nice patch, fighting the frst fort was funny. Looks like a lot of fun, with the upcoming and trading system👍
Much apreciate the new farmhouse/warehouse fuel burning costs and the fuel slot.
Removing the shut of function of the farmhouses in Pve would be awesome.

Kind regards

SWB - Sturmberg World Bank

Edited by Sturmberg World Bank
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Private Server owners who are interested in adding the Sea Forts at this stage...

FYI, this is NOT optional.  Private servers crash without it.

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Fix the Barrels


Edited by Jim

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Post has been updated with link to downlaod latest ServerGridEditor

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I have witnessed ATLAS Lawless Island from 50 people per server to 5 people per server,Ninety percent of the players lost by ATLAS are lawless island  players. They are small teams and single players.Your game mechanics need major changes, take advantage of the early access mode.Advice for PVP server,This is a pirate game, what the pirates want is gold coins and resources。ATLAS pays too much attention to the performance of blueprint items, causing players to focus on how to obtain mythical blueprints。The current game mechanics of ATLAS are destined to not retain new players,The highest online number of this game will only be when the season restarts And then keep falling、Can't make the number stable。Because the safety of the players on the lawless island cannot be guaranteed, many people often wake up after a sleep and find that they have lost everything。what ATLAS keeps losing is the players on the lawless islands. 

Perhaps reducing the output of resources such as metals and gems and crystals and weakening the attributes of blueprint items will increase more players and wars

Reducing labor on land does not increase warfare at sea, because the reason why players do not conflict at sea is that they are busy obtaining drawings

Make it easier for the ship board to be penetrated by cannonballs. For example, 5 or 3 shells can make the ship board leak. The ship board cannot be replaced and can only be repaired and requires players or NPCs to repair it all the time. The ship plate can be renewed after breaking down.

You need to weaken the attributes of the blueprint items, because it is very difficult for players on the island of lawlessness to obtain,I swear I didn’t think I should weaken the drawing attributes because I didn’t get it. I was a member of JOJO last season. I had a drawing of 5 legendary large-scale control sails with 122, and I made it with a 130-level crow and dolphin buff. Out of 4 125 and 1 123,I just think the blueprint items are too powerful, and many players don’t have a chance to get them if they don’t join a large company. When a large company gets it, they have many ways to prevent small companies from getting it.!

Weakening the output of metal gem crystals will also reduce the number of ordinary ships. Players will also cherish their own ships. Reduce the number of blueprint ships or the difference in attributes will make more players dare to fight.

Let players collect basic resources, delete farmhouses, and reduce the output of some basic materials. Players will also fight for basic materials.

The other is the problem of large Large control sails,Why can a large controlled sail sail so fast? And it can also make the ship turn faster. I think the acceleration of the large-scale control sail should be weakened and its influence on the ship's rotation should be removed. I didn’t even see the large-scale speed sail in the 100-man decisive battle of the H8 last season. The naval battle should be determined by the old captain's superb technology and the diversified collocation of ships (the choice of weapons, the choice of sails, the number of people, the number of ships, and the matching of ships), as well as the battle of the ship. The existence of the whirling gun makes the battle of the ship basically impossible.

You need to improve the status of gold coins, first weaken the attributes of the drawing items, and then set up gold coins to buy some drawings in the free port, and buy any basic materials including metal gems and crystals, so that the status of gold coins is improved, and then reduce the amount of money except for killing ghost ships. And the amount of gold coins obtained other than treasure digging.Or set up to buy blueprints and basic materials on the marine merchant ship, or create a new merchant ship, the player can sail to rob the merchant ship and fight the merchant ship.

My English is not very good. Translation software is used in many places. I hope the developers can understand what I mean.

Good luck

JOJO company

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Barrel bombs, do something about it. How many times does your community have to tell you this, or you folks just that disconnected?

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So they announce a preview of this patch where lots of issues are claimed by the community and we get the patch but including even more bugs than expected. Devs maybe you should think a week about this new patch and fix the patch before implementing in the online Alpha Test Servers. All private servers are down today until the server admin is back in the evening. This Forts do look realy silly with that square foundation below... it's an upgraded light tower.

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Bug encountered with farmhouse and storage house fuel slot:

Take care if you put fuel into the farm house! You can put from the farmhouse inventory larger stacks than 1000 in the slot and it works(max 10k). But if you remove fuel from slot you can take out only 1000... the rest is gone. Also you can only put 1000 from your personal inventory into the fuel slot as intended. The time of consumption should allow to run farmhouses with coal about 55h until they should stop. But sometimes farmhouses can stop because the inventory gets full. I play on 3x gattering private server so maybe on official the balance of production and storage house gatering is better. My stone farmhouse regularly stopped production because of full or running out of coal besides it farmed coal next to it.

Also i have 4 farmhouses that should be in storage house range but it's only collecting from 3. When i hold H the storage house circle magicaly disappears when i get close to the none connected farmhouse. But when i am far away the circle includes that farm house. The visibility of the storage house circle is very bad. You can only see it good at night time.

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So with the new mini islands, someone has probably made a lot of effort to make them so ugly. 🤢🤮
Guys, that could certainly have been done in beautiful.

Since the patch today, fast travel has become a disaster, the target beds can no longer be selected correctly and the grid jumps like crazy when zooming.

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I really wish you had listened to your community.

Gold at the shipyard is an incredibly stupid decision and is a major turn off. No one wanted this. There were no positive comments about this. Yet you did it anyway. You kept in burning barrels and you then added another hurdle to create ships.. in a game that is suppose to be all about getting people out on the water. It is as if you have no idea how people play your game. 

My company is disbanding and moving on to other games. We are done with this bull shit. 

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And again xbox is screwed again, and the atlas map is lagging almost impossible to jump bed.

make a server for xbox only or just dell crosplay.

this game is not for solo players enyway.

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1 hour ago, Ghost Pirate LeChuck said:

On PvE cant place fort towers. Says cant build outside fort zone but i'm in it. Is this because its PvE and cant use towers? Also says upkeep in 11h but doesnt say what upkeep cost is?

Its becouse Chismebeard Nami and Primus are full of BS they dont listen to the community they just do what they want.

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Surprise, surprise. You guys broke a bunch of stuff on a patch release introducing features and changes that nobody asked for, wanted, or cares about... again. Way to get off on the right foot after your confidence-inspiring 'Lot of internal changes, things are going to be better now' announcement last week. People may have bought that if it wasn't the 5th or 6th time we've heard it and you didn't immediately make another major patch mistake a week later.

Any news on barrels? Or are you still 'looking into them' as they relate to your grand, long-term plan that totally exists? Any news on anything at all really? Sail bug, zoning wind bug, green screens, boats flipping 100 times and losing all their planks when you un-anchor in some shallow water bug, ship ladder bug, tames warping off boats bug, etc.? You know, stuff like that that people care about? Not news like I now have to throw 50 gold into the water for some reason at the shipyard I built, on the island I own, with the ship pieces I farmed and built in order to make a schooner? What an insignificant, unnecessary, random 'feature' to add to ship-building that accomplishes literally nothing besides making the process slightly more annoying.

How can you still be writing in your announcements that you want suggestions and feedback when every single patch you release completely ignores issues that players are screaming about and introduces random horseshit that someone over there thinks is cool, whether it makes any sense or fits with the game or not? Here's some of that feedback you wanted on this patch: It didn't add anything I wanted or care about and you broke a bunch of stuff in the process. And here's a suggestion: Stop releasing stuff nobody cares about and stop breaking stuff in the process.

Edited by Chillmatic Airwaves
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Way to go devs...you took a borderline unplayable game and introduced more issues instead of resolving any that matter.  The map screen is now laggy af and pulling up to an already laggy ass island is a disaster.

Introduce farmhouses...great. ill throw them up everywhere and lag out my island. Let's shrink the map and a remove a server (pve), sounds like a plan, less real estate and bigger lag issues. Let's not cap how many boats a company can craft so that you can be sure to hit a few shipyards when you lag approaching an island only after losing your tames erroneously at sea.

Come on grapeshot. Get it together. Either cap total boats or make the cost incremental so the 10th owned gally a company builds costs 50000, not 500. Secondly, bring back a bigger map or add more islands to spread out building lag.  Finally, fix the pve decay issues (boats and structures) and implement something to control the amount of farm houses that pop up.  They should be like silos...one per island per company with a decay rate of 72 hours if it isn't stocked with coal and running. 

Here's an idea...go back to the code and maps you had at the end of last season and start building from that. So many less issues.

My crew aren't leaving the game just yet but if you all don't start addressing some of the real issues, you're not going to have a player base left to work with. 



Edited by Funnypoop
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