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pvp The Law of Pirates | 3x3 | 10x | PvP |

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Hello Atlas Community,

The Law of Pirates is a new 3x3 server with pretty basic stats


Our goal was to bring the good old vanilla mechanics with a gaming/work life schedule

10x Gathering Rates, 3x Experience rates, 5x taming and Mature rate. 3x Resource Respawn rate.. WIth much more

Also have all power stones with quests.

We just want to play the game as it is. Being a pirate and bringing together a fun community. Streamers and content Creators welcome!


The server is up 6 days a week Tuesday thru Sunday with active admins, Just looking for fellow gamers to join the fun of pirate battles and questing together!

We are a mature company with most of our players being over 25 but all is welcome and we have discord as well if interested.


If you are interested in joining us please message me or comment to me on here and ill give out the password! 

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